Schmalz is an international leader in vacuum handling and gripping systems. The German-based company manufactures over 3 500 vacuum components, allowing operators to build individualised solutions to handle workpieces up to 2 000 kg efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

Maximise your handling efficiency

Schmalz gripping and handling systems don’t just speed up your handling operation; they reduce fatigue and physical strain. Schmalz vacuum technology minimise issues around worker health and absenteeism associated with manual lifting and loading, enhancing the productivity of your operation.

Schmalz technologies have high suction-ability, mark-free gripping and provide excellent clamping. They are easily moved and operated, have a long service life and come with a 12-month warranty.

  • Lift any shape, size and surface texture
  • Ergonomic handling of small to large items speeds up your operation
  • Automated gripping systems handle workpieces up to 2 000 kg
  • Fatigue-free lifting enhances productivity
  • Non-return valves ensure loads remain secure in the event of power disruptions
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Manual Handling Systems

Schmalz range of vacuum lifting apparatus increases your material handling productivity through precise, ergonomic and non-marking handling solutions.


Vacuum Gripping Systems

Vacuum gripping systems boost productivity in automated handling processes. Includes layer and vacuum area gripping systems and suction spiders.


Vacuum Components

Schmalz supplies over 3 500 vacuum components for its vacuum handling and gripping systems, allowing you to achieve your specific requirements!


Schmalz Gripping Systems

The range of complex Schmalz vacuum gripping systems is available for increased productivity in automated processes.

  • Schmalz Area Vacuum Gripping System SBX: for powerful handling with maximum flexibility to handle a wide range of work pieces like lumber, engineered wood, steel profiles, building lumber and pallets with a highly warped, rough surface.
  • Schmalz Vacuum Suction Spider SSP: designed for metal profiles, circuit boards, stones, sheet products, car body parts, glass and ceramic parts, solar panels and non-rigid work pieces.
  • Schmalz Area Vacuum Gripping Systems FXP and FMP: universal grippers with extra power and maximum flexibility, enabling the efficient automated palletising, depalletising, order picking and sorting of the numerous goods in varying dimensions with one gripper.

Schmalz Vacuum Components

Schmalz vacuum components include all ancillary equipment used in safe and secure lifting.

Schmalz Manual Handling Systems

Precise, ergonomic and non-marking solutions accommodate a wide variety of shapes and surfaces, including porous and non-porous sheets, boards, panels, barrels, bags and boxes.

  • Schmalz VacuMaster Vacuum Lifting Device: designed for handling heavy large, flat and typically non-porous workpieces from 125 kg up to 2 000 kg. There are 4 variations comprising the VacuMaster: basic, Comfort, Vario and Eco.
  • Schmalz Vacuum Tube Lifters Jumbo: this range features a retractable lifting unit that is mounted on an adjustable crane boom to ensure secure, damage-free gripping of materials up to 300 kg. The unique design of this manual handling system reduces operator fatigue for greater productivity in your lifting operation. The range includes the Flex, JumboErgo and JumboSprint options that can be customised to your application depending on your requirements.
  • Schmalz Cranes and Crane Systems: this range supports ergonomic operation and can function as a stand-alone solution.It includes slewing cranes with aluminium crane rail, slewing cranes and crane systems with steel crane rail, and aluminium jib cranes.
Schmalz vacuum technology is distributed across Africa exclusively through Tectra Automation. Contact us today on +27 11 971 9400 for more information.
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