Vacuum Technology

Improve the handling efficiency of your assembly and production lines with the Schmalz range of vacuum technology. From automated and robotic handling systems to manual grippers and cranes, Schmalz optimises your process efficiency, with safe, reliable and non-marking vacuum systems for workpieces up to 2 000 kg. Supplied throughout Africa by Tectra Automation.

Vacuum Components

Schmalz supplies over 3 500 vacuum components for its vacuum handling and gripping systems, allowing you to achieve your specific requirements!


Manual Handling Systems

Schmalz range of vacuum lifting apparatus increases your material handling productivity through precise, ergonomic and non-marking handling solutions.


Vacuum Gripping Systems

Vacuum gripping systems boost productivity in automated handling processes. Includes layer and vacuum area gripping systems and suction spiders.

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A smarter, ergonomic production floor

Whether you’re handling glass, metal, wood, boxes, bags or composite products, Schmalz manufactures the ideal dynamic vacuum solution for any workpiece shape or surface texture on your shop floor.

These premium quality solutions provide businesses with a more ergonomic work environment; enhanced productivity; and increased safety.

You’ll find Schmalz used in a wide range of industries to achieve high-suction, mark-free gripping, from manufacturing to chemicals, automotive or solar industries, to warehousing and logistics.

We will work with you to design more efficient production processes that meet 100% of your operational requirements!

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Our vacuum technology solutions help you:

Maximise workplace ergonomics & productivity

Intuitive and easy-to-use, Schmalz vacuum lifters help employees reduce the physical strain caused by repeated movements involved in production, assembly and logistics processes. The faster handling made possible by our solutions also accelerates material flows and leads to increased productivity.

Handle heavy loads more easily

Schmalz’s VacuMaster provides high vacuum to tackle even the heaviest goods weighing up to several tons, whether it is metal sheets, wooden boards, plastic sheets, barrels, windows or glass sheets. For applications where many hands would normally be required, the VacuMaster allows for effortless handling by a single operator while protecting the employee’s health.

Achieve efficient automated handling

Vacuum automation helps you create more efficient process flows. With vacuum technology, sensitive materials such as food products, display glass, electronic components, but also large-format sheet metal for car bodies, can be gently gripped and handled dynamically.

Provide responsive overhead assistance

Schmalz aluminium crane systems are designed to work perfectly with vacuum lifters. The light series of crane can lift up to 1 200 kg and can also be used as a stand-alone system. Whether as a jib crane or a crane system, our modular system enables perfect integration into your industrial applications.

Vacuum Technology Services:

System design

Each vacuum system we supply is completely customised to your specific requirements and objectives.

Maintenance & Repairs

We offer full inspection and maintenance services (incl. leak testing and leak detection) in addition to service contracts.

Spare Parts

We support your application with the complete and fast supply of Schmalz components.

Quality & Warranty

Schmalz is an ISO 9001-certified facility. It supports its very high quality standards with 12-month standard warranties.

We give you the Power To Move

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Schmalz offers solutions for a range of different automation, handling and logistics applications:


Fast cycle times and high depth of automation


Contamination free and flexible handling

Fibre Composites

Handling of permeable and hardened composite


Mark-free and secure handling


For various surfaces and rough conditions


Removal of hot plastics leaving few marks


Flexible and FDA-approved handling


Flexible handling solutions for intralogistics and distribution logistics

Metal and Metal Sheets

Fast cycle times and high operational reliability


Extremely fast, accurate and gentle handling


Handling products with different properties


Industrial robotics and small/lightweight construction robotics

A closer look at our vacuum solutions:

Manual Handling Systems

Tube Lifters Jumbo

Use the Tube Lifters Jumbo for ergonomic lifting of sheets, boxes, bags, barrels, buckets, panels and jigs and load/unload CNC machining centres up to 300 kg.

VacuMaster Vacuum Lifting Device

The VacuMaster Vacuum Lifting Device provides a high vacuum solution to handle large, flat, non-porous workpieces such as metal plates, wooden boards, plastic sheets, barrels and glass sheets up to 2 000 kg

Crane and crane systems

Crane and crane systems combine vacuum tech with articulated jibs, railed and column-mounted cranes and hoists to provide a handling solutions that can lift up to 950 kg. Can function as a stand-alone solution, or supplement the Jumbo and VacuMaster.

View all Manual Handling Systems >

Automated Gripping Systems

Area Vacuum Gripping System SBX

Area Vacuum Gripping System SBX handles sawn and construction timber, laminated beams, sheet materials, steel profiles, and pallets with warped and rough surfaces.

Area Vacuum Gripping Systems FXC and FMC

The FXC and FMC are ideal for surfaces with gaps. Grip a variety of materials, including cardboard, glass, metal, wood and plastic.

Vacuum Layer Gripper SPZ

Vacuum Layer Gripper SPZ is used in warehouse and logistics applications. Handles intermediate layers, pallets, cardboard boxes, film packaging, products in trays, etc.

Vacuum Suction Spider SSP

The SSP can be equipped with 6 suction pads for lifting metal, stone, sheet materials, automobile parts, glass, ceramics, solar panels in addition to non-rigid pieces.

View all Automated Gripping Systems >

Vacuum Generators

Vacuum Pump

We supply high vacuum pumps in dry, oil-lubricated, water-ring and complete centre vacuum pumps, each with optimised suction rates from 2.3 to 255 m³/hr.

Vacuum Blowers

Our range includes stand-alone vacuum blowers for use in all clamping and handling applications.

Compressed Air Distributors

Our compressed air distributors enable central compressed air inlets and extensions at any time.


We also supply compact, inline and multi-stage ejectors, which are compact and easy to install for air supply up to 2 370 l/min.

View all Vacuum Generators >

Vacuum Components

Schmalz vacuum systems are completely modular, and we support your operation with the complete supply of components and spare parts for your system, including:

  • vacuum cups
  • valves
  • vacuum switches
  • cables and plugs
  • monitoring products
  • mounting elements
  • filters and connections
  • special grippers

About Schmalz

Schmalz is the market leader in automation with vacuum and ergonomic handling systems. With over 30 years’ manufacturing experience, Schmalz understands the requirements of customers worldwide, and develops ground-breaking production ideas to help companies boost productivity and enhance safety.

  • 1 500 employees worldwide
  • 20 locations
  • 580 industrial property rights
  • 9% of turnover invested in ideas and new products

Learn more about Schmalz:


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