Guide Rail Systems

Bosch Rexroth’s range of linear guide rail systems offer unbeatable flexibility and efficiency in designing, installing and servicing your linear motion system. These systems reliably deliver extreme travel precision to help factories, production lines and workstations increase their competitiveness and profitability. Bosch Rexroth profiled rail systems are available across Africa through Tectra Automation.


No matter your requirements for moving guided loads, Bosch Rexroth profiled rail systems deliver exceptional accuracy, dynamics and load-bearing capabilities in every industrial and automation environment.

Our rail systems are the result of leading industry knowledge and wide application experience from Bosch Rexroth. They have been optimised according to a consistent focus on improving customer efficiency to give them a competitive production edge:

  • Improved travel accuracy
  • Reduced friction force oscillation
  • Maximum precision
  • Save money on logistics and assembly
  • Endless flexibility with interchangeable components
  • Easy and reliable mounting

Innovative engineering, precise manufacturing and high-quality materials deliver wear-free service and constant precision over the entire service life of the guide rail system!

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Omega Modules (Type OBB)

Omega Modules (type OBB) with ball rail systems and toothed belt drive for travel speeds up to 5.0 m/s.


Roller Rail Systems

These Roller Rail Systems are ideal for machine tools, industrial robots and general machine construction applications requiring compact guideways.


Compact Modules

Compact Modules are precision, ready-to-install linear motion systems characterised by their high performance.


Cam Roller Guides

Cam Roller Guides from Bosch Rexroth Africa have been specially developed for use in handling and automation applications.

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High-precision effect for optimal machining results

The steel bearing plates of the guide rails are manufactured with such precision that they are subjected to increasing load as the curvature becomes more convex.

This design allows rollers and balls of the runner block to transition smoothly on a tangential, ideally angled deflection curve into the load-bearing zone. This enhances the motion of the guide rails system and produces better machining results and surface quality.

Interchangeability: flexible planning and exceptional compatibility

Bosch Rexroth offers unmatched flexibility and efficiency in linear motion systems through its unique design focus on interchangeability.

The rolling element sets and the raceways in the runner blocks and guide rails can easily be replaced by another, regardless of the format, without any problems and above and beyond the accuracy class. This means that each component can be ordered and stocked separately in any accuracy class and format. The advantage to customers? Reduced time and money in terms of logistics, assembly and service.

Simple mounting using the cover strip

The cover strip is made of rustproof spring steel, and provides an ideal, smooth surface for linear guide systems. It reduces the chances of the seals wearing out, providing optimum protection against the ingress of chips and fine dust into the runner block when it passes over the bore holes.

The cover strip also simplifies installation, with just a single work step required to cover all bore holes. This eliminates the effort otherwise involved in inserting the conventional plastic caps. With a rail length of 2 m, you can save up to 30 percent of the mounting time.

Cover strips can be delivered either alongside the guide rails or as a separate part for retrofitting, stock-keeping and replacements

Materials for different environmental conditions

With a broad range of materials and design styles, Bosch Rexroth ensures solutions to match the requirements of any linear application.

The following materials are available for runner blocks and guide rails:

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Resist NR
  • Resist NR II
  • Resist CR
  • Resists CR II
  • NRFG

Single rail applications

Single rail applications are space-efficient and useful in minimising the possibility of other components in the system becoming misaligned. Some single rail applications include:

Linear actuators: Actuators driven by belts, screws or pneumatic cylinders commonly use linear rails because of their excellent ability to withstand moment loads and relatively quick travel speeds.

Overhead transport systems: Linear rails are an excellent choice in guiding loads centred below the rail and bearing block.

Gantry robots: Individual axes on gantry robots typically incorporate a single rail driven by a screw or belt and pulley system.

Dual rail applications

Higher load requirements often use linear rails in pairs. With the drive mechanism mounted between the dual rails, these systems are compact and sturdy.

Linear stages: Linear rails are the ideal solution in stage systems requiring precise travel accuracy and minimal deflection.

Machine tools: With machine tools, high accuracy and stiffness are critical in facilitating quality workmanship.

Cartesian robots: Cartesian robots need to support and withstand high moment loads, and parallel linear rails are used in guiding most Cartesian robots.

Robot transport units: Dual linear rail systems can be used to provide additional mobility to six-axis robots, guiding them to new locations within a factory or assembly plant.


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