ASA Hydraulik

ASA Hydraulik manufactures high-performance coolers and specialised hydraulic components. Advanced technologies help ensure competitive pricing and consistent product performance.

Advanced technology from ASA Hydraulik

Over 30 years of experience in heat transfer equipment and specialised components makes ASA Hydraulik a global leader in hydraulic cooling solutions.

The company manufactures standard components as well as customised solutions, delivering a competitively priced, reliable and versatile cooling technology range that provides consistent performance in your system.

The ASA Group holds 21 patents. The group’s blue efficiency design is a mark of proven quality, minimised lead time and competitive price combined with flexibility and a perfect fit into an installation space. ASA Hydraulik also offers great flexibility with its range of accessories.

ASA Hydraulik is distributed in Africa by Hytec Fluid Technology.

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ASA Hydraulik Air Blast Oil Coolers

The ASA Hydraulik range of 26 air blast coolers from HFT offer high, consistent performance in agriculture, crane and motor applications.



Quality management at ASA Hydraulik

The ASA Group’s global facilities adhere to worldwide standards. This is confirmed by its DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management accreditation. Over the years, ASA Hydraulik has developed into a globally active systems supplier.

Hytec logistics and support

Bosch Rexroth Africa's extensive branch network throughout Africa ensures part availability and product support on the complete range of the Group's products.

Specialised components that are not part of our continuous stock holding can be ordered from our global supplier network, just in time for your application needs.

ASA Hydraulik product innovation

The modular construction of ASA Hydraulik coolers is based on total cooling system integration. ASA Hydraulik’s product range represents the development, advancement and innovation in mobile and stationary hydraulic applications around the world. Depending on the size of the cooler, ASA Hydraulik offers several possibilities and technologies to adapt the cooler to perform optimally.

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