For over 25 years Italgroup has manufactured high-end radial piston motors for some of the world's toughest industries.

Radial piston motor specialists

Italgroup radial piston motors optimise the efficiency of your rotary drive thanks to the constant torque maintained for the entire speed range, even at very low speed and starting conditions.

Italgroup hydraulic motors can be supplied in combination with mechanical brakes, planetary gearboxes, flow dividers and several accessories and optional such as valves, speed sensors and anti-corrosion treatments.

When combining its motors with radial piston flow dividers, a wide range of flow rates are achievable, from 5 to 590 l/min per section. They are also available in multi-stage versions and with a variety of ratios.

Italgroup’s world-class engineering capabilities allows these dividers achieve synchronisation precision of over 99% and excellent efficiency.

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Radial Piston Motors - Italgroup

Single, dual and fixed displacement hydraulic motors. Displacement from 20 to 8 000 cc and torque up to 32 000 Nm.


A benchmark in quality

Italgroup prides itself in its cutting-edge research and development efforts, through continually evolving design improvements in radial piston motors.

Recognised worldwide as a benchmark in quality, high-performance hydraulic motors, Italgroup radial piston motors are proudly distributed throughout Africa by Hytec South Africa.

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