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OMT’s range of LuEn valves are distributed throughout Africa by Hydraulic & Automation Warehouse (HAW). The LuEn range includes low dividers, pilot check and flow control valves, inline pressure control, relief and reducing valves, and counter balance and overcentre valves.

Cutting-edge valve technology

For over 30 years, LuEn valves have been used to build high-performance, reliable industrial hydraulic systems.

Through global experience, state-of-the-art production technologies, and high service flexibility and agility, LuEn valves from OMT are used to tackle all the challenges posed by global hydraulics applications.

  • Flow rates up to 110 l/min
  • Oil temperature range: -30 °C to 80 °C
  • Ambient/room temperature: -30 °C to 50 °C
  • Flow division ratios: 50%
  • Guaranteed optimal performance

LuEn valves are used across the world in agricultural, mobile, transport and light-duty industrial machinery applications.

As master distributor of OMT’s complete product range throughout Africa, Hydraulic & Automation Warehouse (HAW) supplies the valve range of LuEn valve technologies.

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Throttle Check Valves

The throttle check valve from OMT LuEn provides variable backflow control, with maximum flows of up to 110 litres per minute and 300 bar of pressure.


Single Overcentre Valves

The OMT LUEN range of single over-centre valves is widely used in hydraulics applications of up to 450 bar working pressure.


Single And Double Pilot Check Valves

The OMT LUEN pilot check valves range is designed and tested for operation at 350 bar, and is now in stock by HAW.


Cross Over Relief Valves

Maximum flow rates of up to 80 litres per minute at 350 bar make the OMT LUEN-branded cross over relief valve versatile for a range of in-line uses.


Double Overcentre Valves

Double over-centre valves from HAW and OMT LuEn have been engineered to help maintain the correct pressure through a hydraulic system.


Flow Divider And Combiner

Producing a flow division of 50% and suitable for operation at 210 bar, this OMT LuEn range is guaranteed to provide optimal performance.


Hi Low Valves

The OMT LuEn brand of hi low valves from HAW features maximum working pressures of 350 bar and flow rates of up to 90 litres per minute.


Hose Burst Valves

OMT LuEn Hose burst valves from HAW provide exceptional performance at up to 180 litres per minute & 350 bar of pressure.


In Line Relief Valves

In line relief valves from HAW and OMT LuEn provide performance at up to 180 litres per minute and 350 bar.


Priority Flow Control Valves

For specialised flow control at up to 210 bar and 150 litres per minute, HAW and OMT LuEN supply a leading, fully tested valve.


Sequence Valves

Sequence valves from HAW and OMT LuEn provide exceptional performance for controlling sequence between 2 actuators.

Contact HAW today on +27 11 281 3800 to find out more about OMT’s range of LuEn components.
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