Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps from Tectra Automation include the Schmalz range of oil-free, lubricated and water-ring models for high vacuum values and low volume flow. These vacuum pumps provide Africa’s gripping, handling and packaging applications with extremely reliable, robust and efficient vacuum generation, with long service life and very little maintenance.

Water Ring Pumps

Schmalz Water-Ring Pumps EVE-WR with internal water cooling permits the continuous operation at high loads without additional overload protection.


Vacuum Centre

Schmalz has developed the Vacuum Centre (type VZ) with high suction rates from 8 m3/h to 165 m3/h demand for high performance, safety and reliability.


Oil-Lubricated Vacuum Pumps

Schmalz's oil-Lubricated Vacuum Pumps EVE-OG, with suction rates ranging from 10 m3/h to 255 m3/h, for use as a central vacuum generator.


Dry Running Vacuum Pump

Schmalz has developed the Dry-Running Vacuum Pump (type EVE-TR) with a high suction rate from 2.3 m3/h to 244 m3/h for mobile use.

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Schmalz vacuum pumps: engineered for maximum productivity

Aa leader in industrial vacuum technology, Schmalz vacuum pumps deliver a high vacuum with high evacuation volume. These vacuum pumps are typically used in applications such as:

  • A central vacuum generation in gantry handling systems
  • In manual vacuum handling systems
  • In packaging machines

Schmalz vacuum pumps are engineered with extreme precision and maximum quality. The vacuum pumps use an eccentrically mounted impeller with lamellas, which maintain a seal against the walls of the pump housing through centrifugal force. As the impeller rotates, different sized chambers are created.

As the chamber becomes larger, the air it contains expands and the pressure drops, and a partial vacuum is created.

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Schmalz vacuum technology

Schmalz is a world leader in vacuum-based handling and gripping systems. The company manufactures automated and manual handling systems, which offer solutions in handling any workpiece shape or texture up to 2 000 kg. The Schmalz range of vacuum pumps ensures effective, reliable handling over a long, trouble-free service life.

Tectra Automation is the official distributor of Schmalz GMBH’s vacuum pumps, components and gripping systems in sub-Saharan Africa. We supply and support the full range of over 3 500 Schmalz vacuum products and components. Our engineering and technical teams are experts in devising application-specific handling systems, and will help you choose the vacuum pump best suited to your operation.

Leading vacuum handling systems

Our vacuum pumps and handling solutions offer short set-up times and optimised production processes, enhancing the all-round efficiency of your operation. Because vacuum systems are modular, they can be assembled in a system that is tailored to the handling requirements of your workpieces. View our range of vacuum components here.

These vacuum pumps are ideal for handling applications in the glass, metal, wood, logistics & packaging, plastic, automotive, composite, solar, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries.

Which vacuum pump is right for my application?

Dry running vacuum pumps are available in single- or 3-phase AC or DC power. They are ideal for applications requiring vibration-free operation with continuous output and minimal pulsation. These oil-free vacuum pumps are suitable for lifting, clamping and handling workpieces in a range of manual and automatic handling applications.

Oil-lubricated vacuum pumps provide very quiet operation, minimal maintenance and very high vacuum values (up to -98 bar) for efficient handling of very heavy loads.

These vacuum pumps are oil-free that require virtually no maintenance. It is ideal for medium to heavy loads, with internal water cooling allowing continuous operation.

This vacuum pump is ideal in environments where the surrounding ambient temperature needs to be regulated and considered, such as in the food and beverage industry. A water inlet regulation system is standard on this vacuum pump.

Vacuum pump distribution: We’re on your doorstep!

Tectra Automation is a member of the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies. The Group has 35 branches covering sub-Saharan Africa, each strategically located near the region’s important industrial centres.

This means we can provide our customers with short lead times on product orders as well as respond quickly and efficiently to any aftersales service of vacuum pumps required.


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