Vacuum Cup Accessories

Schmalz has developed range of accessories that enhance vacuum lifting by creating solutions for abnormally shaped and positioned work pieces as well as a filter disc for extremely dirty work pieces. Ranging from a suction pad cover that handles sensitive loads, to a sealing ring for difficult and accessorised surfaces, our range of vacuum accessories give you the tools to securely lift problematic work pieces without dropping the load.

Sealing Rings DR-MOS SI

Schmalz has developed the sealing ring (DR-MOS SI) for optimum sealing on structured surfaces where suction pads hardly seal or cannot seal at all.


Filter Discs FD

Schmalz has developed a filter disc (type FD) to protect the vacuum system from dust and dirt, without changing the flow resistance.


Sealing Rings DR

Schmalz has developed the sealing ring (Type DR) for the secure sealing of connection nipples and other connecting elements.


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