Electronics and Electrical

Electronics and electrical equipment from Hytec South Africa provide best-in-class motion control for hydraulic systems. They provide fast, flexible and reliable solutions with consistent ease of application, and are fully scalable to ensure flexibility and a consistent optimisation of your hydraulic system.

Pressure Switches

Precise, high-quality electronic & mechanical switches for hydraulic applications, working pressures up to 600 bar.


Amplifiers – Euro Card Type

Bosch Rexroth range of Euro Card Type amplifiers includes analogue, digital valve and electric amplifiers. Standard 100 x 160 for rack installation.


Electric Remote Controls

Remote controls for a range of equipment and mobile machinery. Options for on/off, proportional & programmable control for actuators.


Amplifier Modules

Amplifier modules from Hytec South Africa includes Bosch Rexroth components for controlling direct and pilot-operated directional and pressure valves.

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Helping customers achieve perfect drive solutions

Electronics and electrical equipment from Bosch Rexroth are intelligent and energy-efficient control solutions for industrial hydraulic systems, designed to maximise uptime and reduce overall operational costs.

With exceptional response design between hydraulic systems and motion control technology, Bosch Rexroth’s range of amplifiers, amplifier modules, pressure switches and electric remote controls deliver precise control to operators’ hydraulic systems.

These electronics and electrical solutions can be used in any hydraulic system where accurate hydraulic operation is required.

  • Consistent ease of application
  • Fast and reliable solutions
  • Scalable and flexible technology
  • Best-in-class motion control for hydraulic systems
Contact Bosch Rexroth Africa today for more info on our electronics and electrical equipment. Call us on +27 11 979 4630 or send us an enquiry!

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Maximum operational efficiency

Bosch Rexroth’s electronics and electrical solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency of hydraulic applications. Through intelligent components and state-of-the-art technology, these electronics and electrical solutions maximise productivity and improve competitiveness

Bosch Rexroth Africa supports these electronics and electrical equipment with the expertise and services you need to extract maximum value from your hydraulic system.

By improving the efficiency, reliability and safety of our customers’ hydraulic systems, Bosch Rexroth solutions continue to be a benchmark in operational efficiency.

Ready for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is upon us, transforming plant and industrial automation applications through intelligent, responsive and networked instruments and control logics that are driving leaner, more productive architectures to market.

In Industry 4.0, fluid power technology roles are determined automatically, with decentralised control roles being defined through direct communication with higher-level controls and master systems.

Bosch Rexroth is on the cutting edge of this evolution, and its electronics and electrical equipment are an important part of providing the precise and sophisticated hydraulic and motion control required by Industry 4.0.

Why Bosch Rexroth?

What began as a single, ingenious iron forge design in 1795 has turned into a leading global manufacturer of drive and control solutions for industry and plant automation. Consistently delivering state-of-the-art components and systems to market, Bosch Rexroth has consistently pushed the bounds of what has been achievable in drive and control applications.

You’ll find Bosch Rexroth hardware in high-performance systems across the world in factory automation, mobile applications, machinery applications and engineering!

In 2014, the company entered a joint venture with Hytec South Africa in Africa. The remaining shares were purchased in 2017, making Hytec SA a Bosch Rexroth Company. As the largest fluid power and automation company across the continent, the Group now has complete access to the innovations and technologies from Bosch Rexroth as they hit the market, bundled with maximum technical support. By using the established strategic network of Hytec SA, we ensure quick, efficient distribution and support so that customers can maximise uptime for increased industrial performance.

A strategic footprint across Africa

Bosch Rexroth Africa is made up of 8 specialist companies and a network of 35 branches across Africa, all strategically positioned near important industrial nodes across the region.

From these outlets, we can offer our customers complete supply, consultation, repair, service and maintenance services so that they can boost uptime, productivity and competitiveness.

Our established presence in Africa also means that Bosch Rexroth Africa is familiar with all the trends and conduct of business in the region, which helps us tailor solutions to achieve optimum performance levels for our customers.

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11 April 2024

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6 March 2024

Bosch Rexroth Africa distributor strengthens mining sector ties in Tanzania through forum sponsorship

Bosch Rexroth Africa has bolstered its position in Tanzania’s mining sector.

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