For over 60 years, Italian manufacturer SALAMI has been a leader in valves, pump, motors, flow dividers and remote control systems for the hydraulic power market. You’ll find SALAMI products in a range of applications across the globe in agricultural, construction, mining, materials handling and general industry.

Why use SALAMI in your application?

SALAMI’s continuous commitment to research and development has resulted in a product range demonstrating leading innovations in hydraulic valves, pumps and motors, including the integration of hydraulic systems and electronic solutions.

The company supplies a complete range of standard products while leveraging its manufacturing flexibility to offer customised items that meet the unique application requirements of OEMs around the world.

SALAMI’s commitment to excellence is displayed across its complete range of directional control valves (monoblock, sectional and load sensing); gear pumps and motors; and gear flow dividers. That’s why you’ll find SALAMI products in large, powerful handling equipment across the world’s toughest industries!

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Direct Control Valves

SALAMI direct control valves include sectional type, monoblock and load sensing valves. Ideal in heavy-duty mobile and fixed hydraulic applications.


Gear Pumps

SALAMI gear pumps include both aluminium alloy and cast iron variants. Designed for heavy-duty hydraulic systems in mobile equipment and machinery.


Gear Motors

Available in aluminium and cast iron, these modular gear motors are a reliable and efficient solutions for mobile and fixed hydraulic applications.


Gear Flow Dividers

Made from high-strength aluminium, SALAMI gear flow dividers are customisable for applications. Ideal as flow equalisers & pressure intensifiers.

Call us on +27 11 281 3800 or send us an enquiry to find out more about the SALAMI brand.
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