Manual Production Systems

Bosch Rexroth’s manual production systems enable businesses to enhance the lean production of their operation. A new software solution, ActiveAssist, integrates sensor systems and guides employees intelligently through assembly. Bosch Rexroth Africa provides the most ergonomic solutions to increase productivity, improve final product quality and reduce waste.


Workstations from Bosch Rexroth deliver an ergonomic design that promotes greater productivity and profitability in your workshop.


Swivel Work Chairs

Swivel work chairs are designed for maximum workspace ergonomics. They increase efficiency, productivity, worker health and safety.


Grab Containers

Grab containers maximise workstation ergonomics by reducing grab distances. They minimising assembly time by up to 50%, and enhanced productivity.


Flow Rack Systems

Flow rack systems reduce your inventories with an efficient material supply system that incorporates an ergonomic, lean production concept.


Ergonomic Solutions

Ergonomic solutions mean higher productivity, increased efficiency and enhanced safety in the workspace, delivering an edge over the competition.


EcoFlow Linking Elements

EcoFlow links the various workstations in a production space together, maximising efficiency and economy. Conveyor tracks need no drive requirements.

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Realise lean production!

Assembly technology and software from Bosch Rexroth offers everything you need for efficient production.

The MPS range consists of ergonomically-designed workspace furniture and equipment modules that help to facilitate lean production.

Traditional workspaces and production lines are constituted by generic, universal equipment. By contrast, the MPS is assembled precisely according to the required movements and the dimensions and arrangement of space dictated by the specific production activity the equipment is intended for.

Each installation is configured to meet the needs of each particular production line, MPS eliminates most inefficiencies relating to manual (non-automated) production.

Time and energy resources spent on overcoming inefficient workspace design and function can thus be invested in more economically valuable activities. Enhance your workspace performance with the MPS! Send us enquiry today to get started.

Enhance your workspace performance with the MPS! Send us enquiry today to get started.

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Modular, connected, and interactive… The new assistance system from Bosch Rexroth, ActiveAssist, is revolutionising the manual workstation. The ActiveAssist software solution supports employees with targeted information and help functions to guarantees high process reliability.

The open software solution is another building block on the road to the factory of the future. ActiveAssist identifies the workpiece by RFID or barcode and loads the required work plan immediately onto the monitor. Work instructions are then projected directly onto the work surface using a projector and the correct grab container is marked. This guides the employee step by step through the workflow, all the information ergonomically positioned in their field of vision.

Modular: ActiveAssist has a modular design in both software and hardware and is freely configurable. Users can equip each assembly station with different assistance functions. In addition, the open software incorporates sensors from various manufacturers.

Connected: ActiveAssist uses web-based software and is a flexible and open system. This guarantees global access and allows numerous systems and assembly stations to be thoroughly connected in real-time.

Interactive: By incorporating touchscreens, 3D cameras and projectors, various interactive assistance functions can be realised. From the projection of work instructions and light pulse guidance to tool tracking and gesture recognition.

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