Filtration Technology

Keep your hydraulic fluid in peak condition for longer with the complete range of filtration technology from Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT). We supply lube, fuel, coolant, air and oil treatment solutions from HYDAC, Hy-Pro, Bosch Rexroth, Baldwin and Fleetguard, providing complete filtration solutions for your mobile and industrial filtration systems and applications.

Industrial Filter Systems

Essential to high-performing filtration, filter systems incl. offline, oil transfer and vacuum dehydration filtration units and more!


Filtration Electronics

Pressure switches, flow indicators and digital display units for maximum control over filtration setup and status, while reducing costs.


Mobile Filtration

Mobile filtration from Bosch Rexroth Africa consists of air, lube, fuel and coolant filtration products from Baldwin and Fleetguard.


Process Filtration

For small, medium and heavy-duty filtration requirements, our range includes back flushing, in-line, and stainless steel indicators.


Oil Condition Monitoring Technology

Avoid costly machinery, engine and power-train failures with oil condition monitoring (OCM) technology from Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT).


Oil Drain Plugs

Reduce downtime and prevent oil spillages with the Femco range of oil drain plugs for toolless oil changes. Available from Hytec Fluid Technology.


Hydraulic and Lube Filtration

Get optimal performance with a complete range of quality tested products from leading brands, distributed by Hytec Fluid Technology.


Condition Monitoring

Keep your hydraulic components in optimum condition with our range of contamination monitoring & data recording solutions.


Hengst Suction Filter

Browse suction filters that deliver space-saving, service-friendly & extremely efficient separation of ultra-fine particles in hydraulic systems.

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Handling the toughest contamination challenges

Find all the solutions you need to filter and purify industrial liquids such as hydraulic and lubrication oils, heavy fuels, water, chemicals, coolants and other media from HFT. We leading, comprehensive filtration technologies and experience, we will provide a filtration solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Our filtration technology helps you overcome the industry’s toughest contamination challenges so that your machine performs as efficiently as possible while reducing your operating costs.

With the complete range of technologies from the world's leading filtration OEMs, we meet the requirements of modern service and maintenance of machines and equipment. Our extensive stockholding of filter elements, assemblies, fluid condition equipment, accessories and reservoir accessories allows plant operators to optimise the availability of machines and fluid technology plants and systems.

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End-to-end Filtration Services:

Fluid Analysis

Monitoring & testing of fluids conducted inhouse laboratory or onsite. Includes microscopic, gravimetric & granulometric analysis, density and viscosity. Cleanliness determination & analysis according to VDA 19 / ISO 16232.

Installation & Commission

Includes setup, installation &, pipework up to system flushing, compression testing and commissioning. We have the e have the right equipment and teams for all application situations.

Process Optimisation

Reduce costs by converting and optimising. HFT discovers your potential for process optimisation and develops measures to improve component cleanliness values.

Condition Monitoring

Our products help extend the lifespan of your filtering equipment, prevent unplanned downtime & indicate possible design improvements.

We supply the world's leading technology brands:

Baldwin Filters

Baldwin Filters is a worldwide manufacturer of heavy-duty air, lube, fuel, coolant, transmission and hydraulic filtration products.

Lube filtration: for heavy duty engines designed to meet or exceed the quality, performance and supply requirements of original equipment.

Fuel filtration: effectively remove fuel supply contaminants from a fuel supply. Up to 13% greater contaminant holding capacity than regular filters.

Air filtration: Enhanced contaminant removal and holding efficiency at every flow rating with minimum initial restriction, providing pure air that significantly extends engine life.

Fuel / water separators: rugged and reliable separators capable of removing 100% of the water component in petrol and diesel applications.

Bosch Rexroth

A range of filtration products that enhance the performance of your hydraulic equipment by eliminating contamination, resulting in smoother operation.

The filtration offering includes mobile, hydraulic and lube filtration solutions, filter systems, process filtration and filtration accessories, as well as condition monitoring and electronics.

Buhler Technologies

A range of filtration electronics providing reliable physical measuring equipment with high precision, high sensitivity and compact designs.

Pressure switches: Achieve long-lasting performance in high-pressure industrial & hydraulic applications up to 600 bar.

Water alarms: Measure interlace level between water & oil, and prolong oil life while reducing damage to hydraulic systems.

Digital display units: Can be programmed to all measurement units and has up to 4 programmable outputs. LED display with an illuminated background for easy visibility.

Level temperature switches: 9 level temperature switches make up this range, each of them falling within the Nivotemp NV, NT HT or WW series.


A world leader in mobile filtration technology. Fuel filtration, lubrication, air intake, coolants crankcase ventilation and hydraulic systems that prolong engine life and achieve longer service intervals.

Air filtration: maximum output with precise filtration for all types of engines in all operating environments.

Fuel filtration: Ideal for diesel and fuel engines in industry, construction, marine and consumer applications.

Coolant filtration: test kits and refractometers to check coolant quality, provide freeze protection and maintenance solution.

Lube filtration: Increase engine life over all service intervals with extended service intervals.


Solutions that cool and lubricate gears in wind turbines; enhance hydraulic and machine tool tensioning; cushion cabs on agricultural and mobile equipment, and support working hydraulics in excavators.

Process filtration: Backflushing, in line and stainless steel filters and clogging indicators.

Hydraulic & lube filtration: Suction, breather, pressure, return line & spin-on filters, filter elements and filter clogging indicators.

Filter systems: Offline and oil transfer filtration units and vacuum dehydration units.

Electronics: High-quality pressure switches, flow indicators and digital display units.

Condition monitoring: Contamination monitoring and data recording solutions


A range of products to handle industry's toughest lube filtration challenges.

Dynamic Filter Efficiency: Delivers dynamic duty cycles and measures real-time performance before, during and after hydraulic cycles.

Oil Analysis Patch Kit: Provides visual analysis of contamination levels & contaminate types in hydraulic & lubrication systems.

Particle Monitor: Online monitoring of contamination level changes in hydraulic and lube oil systems.

Industrial Filter Systems: High-quality filter systems designed to improve hydraulic system reliability and boost performance.


A leading supplier of industrial and mobile hydraulics, including:

Electronics: Flow indicators, level switches, level/temperature switches and temperature transducers.

Gauge valve isolators: Pressure gauges, level gauges and a range of accessories to understand the status of your hydraulic system.

Hydraulic & lube filtration: Suction, breather, pressure, return line & spin on filters, filter elements and filter clogging indicators

Hengst Filtration

Achieve maximum engine & machine performance with Hengst filtration products, tailored to make engines, machines & systems cleaner and more efficient.

Our range of Hengst Filtration products provides maximum performance in geometry, physics & chemistry, with each filtration product and accessory tailored to make engines, machines, and systems both cleaner and more efficient.

Fast distribution, across Africa

HFT is one of the largest suppliers of filtration technology, solutions and products in Africa. The Johannesburg-based company, through Bosch Rexroth Africa Group Companies, ensures that Bosch Rexroth Africa customers receive their filtration technology solutions and products anywhere in Africa.

Our wide network of 35 branches across Africa enables us to offer fast support response and service turnaround times, maximising our customers’ uptime.

Through Bosch Rexroth Africa Development, the Group has strategic representation in Angola, the Republic of Congo, DRC, Gabon, Ghana, Namibia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Seychelles, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.



We help you maintain maximum production performance with end-to-end service, refurbishment and technical support for your hydraulic, pneumatic and automation equipment


Whether you need a single component repaired, troubleshooting assistance, or consultation with a view to modernising your system, our skilled repairs teams support your requirements for maximum system reliability. 

Custom Designs

Utilising the latest in CAD design, paired with our 50+ years' experience, we can tailor a hydraulic, pneumatic or automation design to suit your application requirements.

We inspect, test and service according to OEM specification in SABS ISO 9001-certified facilities.


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