Hydraulics and Pneumatics

As Africa’s leading hydraulics and pneumatics company, Bosch Rexroth Africa is the specialist in fluid power systems. With specialist hydraulics and pneumatics companies, we provide leading fluid power systems from 36 leading brands to offer design, manufacture, installation, service and repair for total mobile and industrial hydraulic solutions. We move. You Win.


Maximise your efficiency with our hydraulic and pneumatic products and solutions.

From complex, turnkey fluid power systems to off-the-shelf hydraulic and pneumatic components, we are your end-to-end specialist.

We Move. You Win. Our customers have enhanced their efficiency and optimised their systems with our custom-engineered, hydraulic and pneumatic solutions developed over 55 years, and the use of our high-quality products.

Our hydraulic system and pneumatic system offerings include:

  • Solutions for a wide range of industries
  • Sourced from over 33 leading hydraulic and pneumatic brands
  • Fast delivery in Africa through 30+ branches & distributors
  • A wide range of products & spare parts
  • Comprehensive services & repairs
  • Onsite hydraulics and pneumatics training available
Contact us on +27 11 979 4630 or complete the form for OEM hydraulic and pneumatic solutions in our ISO certified facilities.


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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Product Range


A leading brand in hydraulics technology, Bosch Rexroth hydraulic products enable customers to design and build innovative hydraulic systems.



Get comprehensive pneumatic services, from single components to fully custom pneumatic systems, for any industry in Africa from Bosch Rexroth Africa.

Bosch Rexroth Africa brings you the world’s leading hydraulics, pneumatics and automation brands for all your power requirements.

Our Hydraulic and Pneumatic Experts


Hytec SA is the leader in the design, manufacture, installation, service and repair for total industrial and mobile hydraulic solutions.


Hytec Engineering offers comprehensive hydraulic cylinder solutions to the industrial and mobile markets.


HFT is a hydraulic filtration solutions specialist, distributing an extensive range of filters and fluid management technologies.


HAW distributes hydraulic components in Africa, including hose and fittings. HAW is a specialist supplier of products for mobile machinery.



Tectra Automation provides leading technology, expertise and product support in all fields of pneumatic and electric drive technology.


Our Hydraulic and Pneumatic brands

Hydraulics and Pneumatics Services


We can supply you with our high-quality pressure control valves. Furthermore, we can optimise your process flows on-site support. This includes: troubleshooting, rectification of faults, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.


We offer quick, reliable, and convenient repair and maintenance services of hydraulic and pneumatic systems according to plant and OEM specifications. On completion of service, customers receive a new warranty up to 12 months for all components.

Service Exchange

We offer over 1 500 spare parts with retrofitting services for your worn out hydraulic and pneumatic parts due to normal usage. This includes core, supplementary, and discontinued products.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Training

Hydraulic Training

Attend our merSETA-accredited hydraulic training programmes at our fully equipped Johannesburg training centre or customer’ sites across Africa.

Our hydraulic training programmes aim to expand your knowledge on hydraulic components and circuitry, reducing your maintenance costs and time spent on troubleshooting.

View our Hydraulic Training Courses

Extend your knowledge of pneumatic and hydraulic tools to benefit your hydraulic and pneumatic control system
Increase the longevity of your pneumatic fluid power system by learning pneumatic systems at our training sessions.

Pneumatic Training

We offer merSETA-accredited pneumatic training programmes for pneumatics and mechatronics engineers and other hydraulics and pneumatics specialists.

Receive free pneumatic operation and maintenance training when purchasing pneumatic products or systems to increase your efficiency. This comprehensive training aims to improve skill sets for customers, end-users and technicians.

View our Pneumatic Training Courses


Fluid power applications

Fluid power technology, also known as hydraulic power or pneumatic power, enables the conversion of power into a more usable form through hydraulic or pneumatic processes.

Fluid power is used in a wide range of hydro pneumatic industries including construction, agricultural, mining, chemical, marine, aerospace, military, entertainment, and recycling industries. Common examples of fluid power are in truck breaks, tractors, elevators, rollercoasters.



We help you maintain maximum production performance with end-to-end service, refurbishment and technical support for your hydraulic, pneumatic and automation equipment


Whether you need a single component repaired, troubleshooting assistance, or consultation with a view to modernising your system, our skilled repairs teams support your requirements for maximum system reliability. 

Custom Designs

Utilising the latest in CAD design, paired with our 50+ years' experience, we can tailor a hydraulic, pneumatic or automation design to suit your application requirements.

We inspect, test and service according to OEM specification in SABS ISO 9001-certified facilities.


Find Us Near You 

Bosch Rexroth Africa has 35 branches across Africa in a distribution and support network that strategically covers industrial centres across the continent.


Frequently asked questions:

What are the types of a fluid power system?

Fluid power refers to hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems that use compressed ‘fluid’ for fluid transfer transmission that generates more power. Hydraulic systems make use of compressed liquid, typically oil or water where pneumatic systems make use of compressed gas, typically natural gas (air) or carbon dioxide. Fluid power is also known as hydraulic power and pneumatic power.

What is a pneumatic system?

A pneumatic system is a collection of interconnected components that makes use of compressed air. Compressed natural gas (air) or carbon dioxide is usually filtered and dried to protect the cylinders, actuators, tools and bladders performing the work. These systems are reliable, requires little maintenance and typically has a lengthy life.

What is a hydraulics system?

A hydraulic system is a collection of interconnected components that makes use of compressed liquid to generate a larger amount of power. This fluid power system allows it to handle a large weight range without the use of gears, pulleys or leavers.

Are pneumatics and hydraulics similar?

Yes, since these systems use compressed ‘fluid’ of some sort, whether it be liquid (hydraulics) or gas (pneumatics). This is also why fluid power is separated in two categories, namely hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems.

What are the components of fluid power?

The following components are found in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment:

  • Hydraulic pump or air compressor for pneumatic systems
  • Hydraulic air cylinders or electrical motor for pneumatic systems
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic valves
  • Filters, regulators and lubricators
  • Relevant manifolds, hose, tube, pipelined, fittings, couplings, etc. to carry the ‘fluid’ in question
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic seals

Accumulators and reservoirs or storage tanks

  • Instruments such as pressure switches, gauges, flow meters, sensors and transducers, which are used to help monitor the performance of a fluid
  • Auto drainers
  • Air dryers


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