Electric Drives and Controls

Enhance your factory and industrial automation applications with Bosch Rexroth's range of electric drives and controls. Supplied and supported throughout Africa by Tectra Automation, our drives and controls offer faster, more efficient, reliable and economical processing.

PLC Systems

Enhance automation through a flexible and powerful control, programming and communications design, through either a controller or industrial PC.


Servo Drives

Servo drives from Tectra Automation, a Bosch Rexroth Africa company, offer complete, precise control of your servomechanism through its range.


HMI and PLC Accessories

Tectra Automation supplies Bosch Rexroth with a full range of HMI and PLC accessories for a range of applications. Supported across Africa.


IndraDyn Motors

IndraDyn motors from Tectra Automation include servo, linear, torque and high-speed motors for precise, high-performance drive and control.


Motion Control

Bosch Rexroth's motion logic control systems from Tectra Automation combine motion, logic and control functions into an integrated unit.


Frequency Converters

Asynchronous AC motors from 400W – 90W. Energy-saving 3-phase motor speed control for factory, production line and industrial automation.


CNC Drives

Precise and extreme efficiency for any high-output CNC application, including milling, turning, grinding, punching, cutting, lasering, and bending.


Servo Gearboxes

Servo gearboxes from Bosch Rexroth, available across Africa by Tectra Automation provide precise torque multiplication and inertial matching.


CtrlX Automation

The new ctrlX AUTOMATION platform is the new Industry 4.0 automation platform for industrial and factory application from Bosch Rexroth.

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Maximum flexibility, improved operational efficiency

Achieve innovative automation concepts and maximised process efficiency with our complete range of intelligent drives and control technologies.

Bosch Rexroth's drive and control products, with scalable hardware and software, deliver optimum flexibility to meet all your performance requirements.

Designed to provide user-friendly intelligent control on a powerful, feature-rich, and modular open core engineering platform, for control systems in the power range 100 W to 4 MW.

From technologies such as servo motors, gearboxes and drive and CNC, to PLCs, motion control, safety technology and HMIs and industrial computers, Bosch Rexroth delivers industry-leading drive and control equipment.

Bosch Rexroth can help you optimise your process across a wide range of production environments, machinery applications and engineering, from material handling to packaging and assembly technology.

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Fast and easy integration

Open Core Engineering

Our Open Core Engineering makes your software engineering faster and easier to set up, while delivering freedom and flexibility to operators to help them achieve more complex drive and control functions with maximum efficiency.

Easily connect PLC-based automation to high-level language-based applications and the latest IT automation technology, all through the premium Sercos III protocol.

Open Core Engineering combines previously separate PLC and IT worlds into one comprehensive solution portfolio, with open standards, software tools, function packages and the Open Core interface.

This interface gives direct access to all control functions, allowing individual real-time control functions to be quickly and independently implemented.

The Open Core Interface has additional support for MathWorks, Modelica-based tools and programming in Lua and Java.

WebConnector: universal connection between web and automation

Entering the Industry 4.0 era, deployment of the web is essential for maximum dialogue between control and HMI applications.

WebConnector allows operators to create custom, web-based HMI applications, connecting your automation environment with stationary and mobile end devices.

Data networking has never been easier with WebConnector: web-based, variable, modular and totally independent with HTML 5 and Java technology.

This offers a variable number of control connections and possible HMI clients.

New innovations

A new world of automation with CtrlX AUTOMATION

Bosch Rexroth’s ctrlX AUTOMATION is the most open automation platform on the market, reducing engineering time and effort between 30% - 50% with its Linux real-time operating system, open standards, app programming technology, web-based engineering and a comprehensive IoT connection.

ctrlX AUTOMATION encompasses the latest engineering software technologies and all PLC and motion tasks. The software functions can be combined in any number of ways with ready-made and customisable apps.

At the heart of ctrlX AUTOMATION is the ctrlX CORE control platform. It features a high-performance 64-bit multicore CPU to complete 70% of all general automation tasks.

This ultra-compact and powerful control processes data comprehensively when ctrlX I/O is activated. Optional I/O modules for additional functions and communication protocols in the same form factor simplify scaling.

MS2N Servo motor

Tectra Automation’s new MS2N Synchronous Servo Motor range combines high dynamics with compact dimensions and excellent energy efficiency.

With more torque and speed, the MS2N Servo Motor uses a practical, single-cable connection, while delivering high performance and extensive options for all servo mechanism requirements.

The new MS2N includes over 50 motor controller types in 6 motor sizes, 5 motor lengths and more than 20 fully configurable options. Covering maximum torque up to 360 Nm and maximum rotational motor speeds up to 9 000 rpm, the MS2N Servo Motor is 30% smaller than its predecessor.

Additionally, this motor has low rotor inertia for maximum dynamics and high rotor inertia creating optimal adaption motor masses.



We help you maintain maximum production performance with end-to-end service, refurbishment and technical support for your hydraulic, pneumatic and automation equipment


Whether you need a single component repaired, troubleshooting assistance, or consultation with a view to modernising your system, our skilled repairs teams support your requirements for maximum system reliability. 

Custom Designs

Utilising the latest in CAD design, paired with our 50+ years' experience, we can tailor a hydraulic, pneumatic or automation design to suit your application requirements.

We inspect, test and service according to OEM specification in SABS ISO 9001-certified facilities.


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