Oil Condition Monitoring Technology

Avoid costly machinery, engine and power-train failures with oil condition monitoring (OCM) technology from Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT), Africa distributor of OEM Tan Delta oil condition sensors. The range incorporates the OEM’s patented Full Spectrum Holistic™ (FSH™) core technology, providing advanced real-time oil analysis and data analytics that accurately determine the operational health of your equipment oil in real time. Introducing Tan Delta – the oil condition monitoring technology specialists.

Oil Condition Analysis Sensor Kits

Tan Delta’s range of oil condition analysis sensor kits delivers quick and easy installations of OQSx-G2 Oil Quality Sensors.


Oil Quality Gateways and Modems

Enable more efficient, real-time oil condition analysis with Tan Delta’s range of oil quality gateways and modems.


Oil Condition Analysis Accessories

Achieve easy installation of Tan Delta oil condition analysis solutions with specialised accessories, designed to deliver peak performance.


Oil Condition Analysis Sensors

Oil condition sensors from Tan Delta detect and measure oil wear and contamination on industrial applications in real time.


Oil Condition Analysis Display Solutions

Tan Delta oil condition analysis real-time display solutions reduce your operating costs and optimise maintenance.

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Keep your equipment running smoothly

Leading equipment manufacturers and operators worldwide rely on Tan Delta analysis sensors to minimise equipment operating costs, enhance their competitiveness and meet ESG objectives. Tan Delta’s FSH™ technology makes these oil condition monitoring systems ideal for use on any active equipment, including gearboxes, engines, hydraulics & electrical-insulating.

Used in industries from shipping & mining to power generation to automotive and many others, Tan Delta oil analysis condition monitoring technologies and solutions are easily installed. They are also easily integrated with existing systems in the oil condition monitoring market, enabling improved efficiency and lower operating costs for any equipment.

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Benefits of Tan Delta OCM technology

  • Up to 50% less servicing equipment
  • Reduce day-to-day operating costs
  • Minimise equipment down time
  • Reduce equipment failures
  • Increase equipment productivity
  • Reduce oil consumption & carbon footprint
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce equipment wear
  • Extend equipment life
  • Maintenance audit trail
  • Detect potential issues early
  • Improve maintenance planning

Key oil condition monitoring technologies

Full Spectrum Holistic Core Technology

Tan Delta’s propriety Full Spectrum Holistic (FSH™) core technology is the power behind its sensors, providing them with exceptional performance and analysis capabilities. The oil analysis technology is a fusion of real time oil condition analysis and analytics working together to create a single sensor solution.

It analyses the electro-chemical properties of oil in real time – to an accuracy of 0.001% – resulting in a continuous stream of very high quality raw data. The intelligent analytics of this data provides deep insight on the real status of oil and equipment.

  • All failure modes, ware & contamination are detected, measured & interpreted
  • FSH™ is configurable for any oil or heavy fuel type in any application & environment
  • Further data analytics helps optimise equipment operating parameters (e.g., to reduce fuel consumption & emissions)

Dynamic Maintenance Optimisation™

Knowing the actual condition of each piece of equipment and their unique maintenance requirements means you can easily determine exactly when equipment needs to be maintained. Dynamic Maintenance Optimisation™ (DMO) allows plant managers & operators to optimise maintenance schedules according to equipment need.

Identify optimal maintenance schedules for equipment accurately & safely. This enables more efficient advanced planning, increased intervals, reduced costs & less equipment down time.

Advanced Fault Detection™

Pre-emptive maintenance before damage is less costly than unexpected breakdowns. Advanced Fault Detection™ (AFD) alerts plant operators / managers at the first sign of any potential issue which may cause equipment damage or failure.

Using this advanced fault detection capability, plant managers can implement targeted, strategic interventions, reducing breakdowns and increasing equipment longevity.

Frequently asked questions:

What is oil condition monitoring?

Oil condition monitoring (OCM), or used oil analysis (UOA), checks for contamination in oil and changes in its chemical content. It does this by measuring, monitoring and analysing changes in the lubricant. Data acquired is used for tracking oil quality degradation from new oil through to the end of its life so that potential issues that affect performance and reliability are identified in advance. This information can be used to build an effective maintenance programme.

What is oil health monitoring?

Oil health monitoring is usually called oil condition monitoring (OCM) and sometimes used oil analysis (UOE.) It is used in predictive maintenance schedules by using sensors that measure, monitor & analysing changes in lubricant and fuel oils for contamination and chemical content. It does this through the oil lifecycle.

Why monitor oil condition?

Monitoring the condition of oil in your equipment & machinery is necessary for plant managers to know the condition of their equipment. If there is any contamination to the oil, oil condition monitoring equipment alert operators so they can take corrective action, thereby preventing equipment failure.


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