Bosch Rexroth Africa distributes Paoli Impact Wrenches sourced from Italian manufacturer, Paoli Avvitatori. These impact wrenches are ideal for light- and heavy -duty industrial applications.

World-class impact wrenches

Italian brand Paoli Avvitatori is well-known for producing impact wrenches and other top-notch pneumatic tools. In numerous industries, including manufacturing, assembly, and the automotive industry, their impact wrenches are renowned for accuracy, robustness, and performance. Paoli's impact wrenches are known for their inventive designs and cutting-edge technology, which enable them to produce effective torque output for fastening or loosening nuts.

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Impact wrenches

The Paoli DP Series of impact wrenches from Bosch Rexroth Africa is ideal for maintenance work in a wide range of applications requiring high torque.



More about Paoli Avvitatori

World-renowned in the motorsport arena, Paoli has close to 50 years experience manufacturing high-quality impact wrenches. Years of experience have facilitated product evolution, and Paoli impact wrenches have become the ideal impact wrenches for use in tyre and mechanical workshops, and shipping and engineering industries.

The company’s products made their debut in the Formula 1 sector in 1975 and entered the motorsport industry in the United States in 1990. Currently, Paoli impact wrenches are used to service motorsport’s pit stop requirements, contributing to faster change times while ensuring the safety associated with its product quality.


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