IndraDyn Motors

IndraDyn motors from Tectra Automation include servo, linear, torque and high-speed motors for precise, high-performance drive and control systems. This range of Bosch Rexroth motors includes solutions with torque up to 13 800 Nm, and speed up to 22 500 rpm. Distributed and supported across Africa by Bosch Rexroth Africa.

Torque Motors (IndraDyn T)

Reaches max. torque of 13 800 Nm, and features high overload capacity and liquid cooling. Ideal combination of standard solutions and design freedom.


High Speed Synchronous Motors (IndraDyn H)

Maximum torque of up to 4 500 Nm, top speeds of 22 500 rpm, a wide, constant output power range, and an integrated cooling system.


High Speed Asynchronous Motors (IndraDyn H)

A robust and reliable solution with a torque of 875 Nm, maximum speed of 20 000 rpm, and large spindle cutoff. Extremely smooth with easy integration.


Asynchronous Servo Motors (Indradyn A)

Available in fan and liquid cooling models, with rated outputs of 93 and 120 kW and max. speeds of 11 000 rpm respectively, it can be quickly coupled.


Synchronous Servo Motors (Indradyn S)

Bosch Rexroth's compact and powerful synchronous servo motors deliver precise positioning, speed and torque control for efficient factory automation.


Linear Motors (IndraDyn L)

Bosch Rexroth's linear motors include compact dimensions with thermal encapsulation. Maximum force of up to 21 500 N, and up to 600 m/min velocity.


Endless possibilities for drive and control systems

The Bosch Rexroth range of Indradyn motors provide precise, high-quality solutions that cover the complete spectrum of drive and control systems. Linear motors are ideal for moving large masses in raw environments, and they can be fitted in the machining area itself. When combined, in series or parallel, this range of motors opens up completely new machine concepts for advanced applications.

Torque motors are ideal for direct drives in rotary tables or swivel axes in machining centres and printing units. They also provide precise movement in robots, plastic processing machines, woodworking machines, lathes and special purpose machines.

Synchronous high-speed motors are ideal for motor spindles and other similar areas of application, with constant output power range, short ramp-up time, and low rotor temperature. Their asynchronous counterparts are ideal as the primary spindles of CNC machines and machining centres, perfect quality for C-axis machining, thread cutting and spindle positioning.

Asynchronous servo motors can be tailored to your specific applications, and the range of IndraDyn synchronous servo motors can be used in applications requiring intelligent and flexible motor performance, potentially explosive applications and general applications.

Equip your drive system with the industry’s finest motors!

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