Bühler Technologies

Bühler Technologies' product range is available from Bosch Rexroth Africa. These products have been specifically developed for manufacturing hydraulic power packs and oil supply systems for lubrication circuits. Sourced, stocked and distributed across Africa.

A leader in fluid control & analysis for 40+ years

Bühler Technologies is a renowned specialist for level and temperature control, coolers, filtration and gas analysis. Some advantages of using the Bühler Technologies brand products for your pneumatic needs include:

  • Reliable physical measuring systems
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High precision, high sensitivity and compact designs
  • Long life, low maintenance and continuous reliability
  • Reduced installation space requirements
  • Bühler Technologies develops advanced products dedicated to defined application areas.

Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT) supplies selected Bühler Technologies’ products throughout Africa.

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Water Alarms

One water alarm that gives immediate notification of water in hydraulic systems and another that uses a float to signal danger.


Filtration Pressure Switches

Pressure switch technology from Hydac & Bühler, the Hytec Fluid Technology range provides highly accurate operation, reduced downtime & c...


Temperature - Level Switches

12 level single installation temperature switches that monitor oil level and temperature, some with digital displays and air breathers.


Digital Display Units

Comprising a multifunctional device for display & monitoring measurements and featuring rugged plastic housing & IP 65 protection.



Bosch Rexroth Africa selects only the best and most appropriate brands, products and technologies for inclusion of its fully comprehensive hydraulic, pneumatic and automation offering. The Bühler Technologies’ portfolio below complements the Group’s offering.

Bühler Technologies Pressure Switches

  • Pressotronic series pressure switches: achieve long-lasting performance in high pressure industrial and hydraulic applications up to 600 bar and features up to 4 programmable switching outputs, with display unit can that be mounted directly or externally.
  • MDS mechanical pressure switches: with proven high precision, they are developed to monitor pneumatic and hydraulic pressure accurately, they have an adjustable switching point and electromechanical signal transducer.

Bühler Technologies Water Alarms

  • Type WW3 & WW10: detecting water in oil by measuring the interlace level between water and oil when water is separated is enabled through a float-based water alarm unit.
  • Type WW6: prolongs oil life and reduces damage to hydraulic systems; suitable for up to 6 bar and a viscosity up to 1 200 centistokes (cSt).

Bühler Technologies Digital Display Units

  • Multitronik Display and Control Unit: compact in design with highly visible LED display, can be programmed to all measurement units and has up to 4 programmable outputs, among many others.
  • Type DTX-P Display and Control Unit: featuring a 5-digit, 14 mm LED display with an illuminated background, there are 2 standard variations that are easy to programme, which can be done onsite or remotely.

Bühler Technologies Level Temperature Switches

  • 9 level temperature switches make up this range, each of them falling within the Nivotemp NV, NT HT or WW series. In addition to these series, Tectra Automation also stocks the Fluid Control Terminal, Ecolevel Series and controllers for level temperature switch Atex SLTSA.
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