Vacuum Components

Schmalz supplies over 3 500 vacuum components for its vacuum handling and gripping systems! These vacuum components are allowing operators to tailor a vacuum handling or gripping system to your precise requirements. The Schmalz range of vacuum components is distributed and supported across sub-Saharan Africa by Tectra Automation.

Vacuum Valves

Our vacuum valves range includes check valves; 2- and 3-way manually actuated ball valves; valves for specialised applications; and solenoid valves.


Vacuum Generators

Vacuum generators across South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. As an international leader in vacuum handling and gripping systems.


Vacuum Cups

Tectra Automation, part of Bosch Rexroth Africa, stocks an extensive range of 50 vacuum cups and accessories from Schmalz.


Switches And Monitoring

Tectra Automation, stocks a range of vacuum switches and monitoring products from Schmalz for easy installation and long-lasting vacuum performance.


Special Grippers

Special grippers have features that can handle materials with needles and magnetic grippers that effectively lift ferromagnetic metal sheets.


Mounting Elements

Our range of Schmalz mounting elements include spring plungers, jointed mountings and vacuum holders. Fast attachment and trouble-free mounting.


Filters And Connections

Tectra Automation, stocks a range of vacuum connections and filters from Schmalz for easy installation and long-lasting vacuum performance.


Feed Ejectors

Schmalz feed ejectors are able to grip very porous materials such as foams, textiles, paper and various recycling materials with high suction rates.

We’ll help you build your ideal vacuum handling system from our range of 3 500 vacuum components! Call us on +27 11 975 9700 or send us an enquiry.

Vacuum systems and vacuum components

As a world-leader in vacuum technology, Schmalz provides end to end vacuum handling and gripping systems. Because every handling and gripping application is different, Schmalz has developed a complete vacuum components system that gives operators the freedom they need to achieve maximum operational efficiency.

The comprehensive range of the vacuum component programme is a critical part of this solution, enabling operators to customise a vacuum system to their specific operational needs.

Regardless of workpiece texture or shape, Schmalz’s vacuum components range allows operators to tackle any handling job, up to 2 000 kg!

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What goes into building an optimum vacuum handling system?

The degree of flexibility built into Schmalz’s gripping and handling systems designs means users can assemble and adapt a vacuum system to their needs, without any functional constraints. Here’s an overview of the role vacuum components play in the overall vacuum system:

  • The vacuum suction cups or special grippers act as the interface between the vacuum system and the workpiece.
  • Schmalz mounting elements ensure a fast and flexible connection of vacuum components to tooling systems.
  • Vacuum generators, together with ejectors, pumps and blowers, provide operators with centralised or decentralised vacuum generation.
  • Switches and monitoring systems are critical components in measuring and control, ensuring safe operations of the vacuum system.
  • Filters protect the vacuum generator from fine dust within the airflow. Hoses and connectors provide secure connection of the components within the system.
  • Valves control the vacuum flow and the centralised or decentralised compressed air.


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