Pressure Switches

Ensure safe operations & reduce downtime with our electronic, vacuum, filtration & mechanical pressure switches. Find pressure switches for your specific hydraulic or pneumatic pressure system, from a range of brands supplied by Tectra Automation, Hytec South Africa & Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT), today.

Filtration Pressure Switches

Pressure switch technology from Hydac & Bühler, the Hytec Fluid Technology range provides highly accurate operation, reduced downtime & c...


Mechanical Pressure Switches

Mechanical pressure switches from Bosch Rexroth and Bühler deliver high precision monitoring and feature adjustable switching outputs.


Vacuum Switches

Vacuum switches from leading drive & control manufacturer Schmalz provide accurate monitoring of vacuum suction pads across a range of application...


Electronic Pressure Switches

High-quality switches for hydraulic applications, working pressures up to 600 bar. A range of mounting & installation possibilities can be achieve...


Designed to enhance productivity & reduce operating costs & downtime

Our comprehensive pressure switch range includes high-quality electronic, vacuum, filtration, and mechanical pressure switches.

  • Adjustable switching outputs
  • Multiple control options (electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, & filtration)
  • Accurate monitoring of hydraulic and pneumatic pressures
  • Reliable pressure control
  • Digital pressure switches available
  • High demand frequent cycles
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Pressure Switch Companies

Tectra Automation

Tectra Automation specialises in building smarter, more efficient industrial and factory automation solutions. A key specialisation of the company is pneumatic solutions.

It uses premium brands such as Bosch Rexroth, Aventics, Schmalz, and Omal, to build application-specific machines and solutions.

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Hytec South Africa

Africa’s largest hydraulics specialist since 1966, Hytec SA, offers comprehensive hydraulic solutions to industries including mining, oil & gas, marine, metals, agriculture, construction, and other general industries.

Hytec SA engineers solutions to make your pressure systems more efficient, flexible, intelligent and safer.

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Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT)

Hytec Fluid Technology distributes high-quality branded products including Hydac, Hy-Pro, Bosch Rexroth, Baldwin, Bühler Technologies, and Fleetguard.

As an official hydraulic accumulator certification centre, Hytec Fluid Technology provides conformity assessment, pressure testing and certifications for safer operations. Additionally, it offers customised service kits for construction, mining and trucking equipment.

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Our Brands

Bühler Technologies

Bühler Technologies is a leader in fluid control and gas analysis, ideal for your hydraulic or pneumatic pressure systems. This brand designs and manufactures power packs and oil supply systems for lubrication circuits. Selected Bühler products are available through Hytec Fluid Technology across Africa.

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Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth is a global specialist in drives and controls in over 80 countries. Its cutting-edge technology and solutions can optimise and increase efficient production in your pressure processes.

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HYDAC is at the forefront of fluid engineering. The company offers optimised hydraulic solutions across hydraulic-related industries and mobile applications to improve the performance and reliability of your applications.

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Schmalz vacuum technology enhances the productivity of your pressure operations. Its vacuum products assist with manual lifting and loading, reducing strain and fatigue of workers. Its products have a long service life and feature a 12-month warranty.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is a pressure switch?
A pressure switch is used to control and monitor the pressure in pneumatic or hydraulic systems. Pressure limits for any application are programmable with the use of our pressure switches. When the pressure reaches its set pressure point, an output of pressure is implemented, improving the operation and its safety.
We offer electronic, vacuum, filtration and mechanical pressure switches. Our wide range of pressure switches is sourced from world-leading brands, to deliver high performance, long life and optimise operations.
What is a pressure switch used for?
It is to control and monitor hydraulic and pneumatic pressures in a system, to ensure that the minimum and maximum programmed pressures for the specific application are maintained. This results in an optimisation for a safe increase in production and efficiency.
What is a pressure switch on a pump?
A pump pressure switch signals the pump in question to start or stop pumping, according to the programming of the switch.
How does a pressure switch activate?
The hydraulic or pneumatic pressure proceeds up the diaphragm which presses against a piston and spring, allowing the outlet to open or close.
How do you calibrate a pressure switch?
It is important to ensure that your pressure switch offers an accurate pressure reading to increase the safety of your operation and prevent downtime. Contact our experts for assistance.
What are two types of pressure switches?
Mechanical and electronic pressure switches. We offer both, as well as vacuum and filtration pressure switches. This table explains the difference between the two types of pressure switches:

Mechanical pressure switches
Mechanical pressure switches convert fluid pressure into mechanical movement and are a cost-effective and reliable solution. It is used in a range of applications, especially those which require conversions of high currents such as those in pumps and drives.

A mechanical pressure switch is typically used in single-switch contact applications, and in safety critical applications as a redundant component, instantly kicking into action when pressure crosses a critical, pre-set point. Our range of mechanical pressure switches caters for both low demand (few switching cycles) and high demand (frequent switching cycles). Switches have a pre-set or configurable mechanical adjustment of the switch point.

Our mechanical pressure switches offer a range of features, including optional leakage ports, control lamps, lockable rotary knobs and micro switches with NC/NO contact function. Electronic connections include cable gland, plug-in or large cubic connectors.

Electronic pressure switches
Electronic pressure switches are used in applications requiring an electronic output signal. It provides more control configurability than mechanical switches with an integrated programmable logic, so switch points and output signal can be defined according to your requirements.

The electronic pressure switch is used in applications with multiple switch points and where control flexibility is required. It features a wide range of functions, including delay time, switch point, reset switch point, and hysteresis or window function.

Additionally, our electronic pressure switches feature compact designs, stainless steel and FKM media contacts, two antivalent switching outputs (or one switching output and one analogue output), electronic connection via 4-pole M12 connector and sensor thin film measuring cells.


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