Solenoid Valves

Tectra Automation distributes and supports Solenoid Valves from Schmalz and Bosch Rexroth across sub-Saharan Africa. The range includes solenoid valves for vacuum, hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

Solenoid valves, which are controlled via electrical switch signals, are used for the control of compressed air or vacuum. These valves can be controlled directly as well as with pneumatic pilot operation.

Schmaltz has developed a range of solenoid valves in order to achieve direct control of the vacuum, blow-off and venting of the suction pad, at high nominal flow rates and with very short switching times. This complements Tectra Automation’s range of Bosch Rexroth for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

Equipped with robust metal seat valves, and NO functions, this Schmalz range of solenoid valves ensure that the work piece is always securely held even in the event of a power failure.

Features & Benefits:

  • For control at high nominal flow rates
  • Extremely short opening and closing times
  • Wide range of nominal diameters
  • Bistable impulse valve preventing air consumption in case of power failures
  • Supplied complete with plug connector and (for DC operation) a quenching diode
  • Connection socket complies with DIN 43 650
  • Suitable for neutral or filtered gases

Our range of solenoid valves includes:

Solenoid valves for vacuum applications

Vacuum technology leader Schmalz enhances control and handle-ability of workpieces with its high-quality vacuum solenoid valves. These solenoid control valves place direct control of the vacuum in the hands of the user, along with high nominal flow rates and short switching times.

  • Wide range of nominal diameters, from 2 to 50 mm
  • Supplied with plug connector and quenching diode (for DC operation)
  • Control of vacuum on / off or venting functions
  • Connection socket complies with DIN 43 650

Solenoid valves for hydraulic applications:

Direct-operated valves

Our Bosch Rexroth direct operated solenoid valves range consists of 5 valve types, handling pressure up to 350 bar and a maximum flowrate of up to 150 l/min. These solenoid valves provide a high-quality, reliable and effective solution to toggle your hydraulic line on and off.

  • Porting pattern according to DIN 24340 form A / ISO 4401-03-02-0-05
  • Wet-pin DC or AC solenoid valves
  • Inductive position switch and proximity sensors (contactless)
  • Optional concealed manual override

Pilot-operated valves

For larger hydraulic systems, the Bosch Rexroth pilot-operated valves are ideal in a wide range of applications. These are suitable for flowrates up to 1 100 l/min and a maximum operating pressure of 350 bar, and are available as both electrohydraulic and hydraulic actuation. Function as shut-off through-valve or shut-off/through-valve/short-circuit valve.

  • Porting patterns comply with ISO 4401-05-04-0-05 / NFPA T3.5.1 R2
  • Inductive position switch and proximity sensors (contactless)
  • Internally or externally pilot operated
  • Electrical connection as individual or central connection

Solenoid valves for pneumatic applications

These electrically-driven pneumatic solenoid valves are used in a wide range of industries to direct flow and direction within a pneumatic system. All our pneumatic valves have multiple ports and a wide temperature tolerance, meaning these versatile solenoid valves are easy to install in any pneumatic systems.

Additional valve accessories include blanking screws, silencers and gaskets, allowing for endless combinations of various pneumatic elements.

  • Qn from 50 to 4 000 l/min
  • Ambient temperature rating: -25° to 70° C
  • Max. particle size: 5 or 50 μm depending on model

Tectra Automation:

Tectra Automation, through the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies, is the OEM service and support partner for Bosch Rexroth components in sub-Saharan Africa.

This means our clients can take advantage of the superior quality of Bosch Rexroth products, and enjoy OEM-standard aftersales service and support.

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