Motion Control

Bosch Rexroth's motion control systems combine motion, logic and control functions into an integrated unit. The result is an intelligent automation drive system that can be utilised for any hydraulic or electrical control task. Tectra Automation distributed and provides full engineering and aftersales support for IndraMotion systems across Africa.

IndraMotion MLD/Drive Based

IndraWorks offers drive-integrated motion control with electronic synchronisation of up to 10 axes and optional communication interfaces.


IndraMotion MLC/Controller Based

Simple, flexible, and integrated runtime system featuring motion, robot and logic controls. IEC 61131-3/PLCopen software libraries are available.


Next-generation motion control logic

Motion control from Bosch Rexroth integrates motion, logic and control all in a single drive platform, and is an efficient, compact and intelligent solution for virtually all industrial servo applications. With innovative software and firmware functions, simple engineering procedures and open system interfaces, IndraMotion provides excellent servo flexibility.

The IndraMotion MLD enables modern, open automation platforms for modular machine concepts. It delivers a compact motion logic system based on the IndraDrive platform, meaning that higher-order controls are no longer required.

Available as single- and multi-axis control (up to 10 axes), for a complete range of industrial control applications. The open technology and communication interfaces enable easy integration in your automation architecture.

  • Easy-to-use, intelligent drive functions
  • Motion drive-based & motion control-based
  • Innovative software & firmware functions
  • Can be tailored to application-specific requirements

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Motion control from Bosch Rexroth: a closer look

IndraMotion MLD

The drive-based IndraMotion MLD combines motion and PLC functions to form a modern open automation platform for modular machine designs. Available as a single-axis control for simple applications and as a multi-axis control for applications with a maximum of 10 axes. Furthermore, the distributed control architecture establishes a compact motion-logic system based on the scalable IndraDrive platform. This means that higher-order controls are not necessary.

Open technology and communication interfaces allow for IndraMotion MLD to be integrated into your automation design:

  • Compact & powerful
  • Certified safety technology
  • Drive-integrated motion-control according to IEC 61131-3
  • Electronic synchronisation of up to 10 axis
  • Intuitive engineering with the software framework IndraWorks
  • Optional technology

IndraMotion MLC

The control-based IndraMotion MLC is ideal for applications that require consistent, modern machine automation. It achieves this with its innovative software and firmware functions, easy engineering and open system interfaces which provide maximum flexibility.

Combining motion, robot and logic controls with technology functions permits you to synchronise freely scalable, multi-axis applications easily for centralised or decentralised solutions with a flexible control platform:

  • Integrated runtime system with motion, robot & logic controls
  • Extensive software libraries in conformity with IEC 61131-3 & PLCopen
  • Innovative motion function, FlexProfile, for complex motion sequences
  • Intuitive engineering with the software framework, IndraWorks
  • Simple, open & flexible

Distribution network for quick lead and delivery times on motion control products

Tectra Automation is your complete factory automation supplier. We offer turnkey automation solutions to workshops and production floors in industries across Africa.

Bosch Rexroth Africa is on your doorstep with a large network of over 35 Group branches and 20 strategic distributors and sales partners throughout Africa.

Advantages of sourcing motion control controllers and drives from Tectra Automation

  • A single source supplier of reputable motion control components & equipment
  • Distributed throughout Africa – even to remote regions, & including sub-Saharan Africa
  • Comprehensive range ensures the correct motion control technology for your application
  • All OEMs warranties upheld
  • All-inclusive aftersales service


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