Baldwin Filters

Baldwin Filters’ lubricants, fuel, hydraulic and coolant filters are designed for all engine-powered machines from trucks and cars to industrial equipment. Baldwin Filters are available through Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT) – the leading hydraulic filtration solutions specialist in Africa.

Heavy-duty engine protection

Baldwin Filters is a global provider of filtration products and services. It manufactures a leading range of technologies to deliver maximum protection for engines and mobile equipment, from first to last use, through innovative filtration solutions and outstanding customer service.

Baldwin Filters’ teams of engineers are continually developing new methods to improve both product and production. Working from the basic filtration design and using the latest technology like 3D CAD modelling and stereo lithographic prototyping, the product engineering group leads the way with innovative, patented designs.

The company has over 80 years’ experience in designing optimised filtration solutions for industrial and mobile machines.

Available throughout Africa by Hytec Fluid Technology.

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Baldwin Lube Filtration

Baldwin Filters offers Lube Filtration technology for heavy-duty vehicles with products that keep damaging contaminants from sensitive engine parts.


Baldwin Fuel Filtration

Baldwin Filters' complete range of fuel filters, including spin-ons, elements, fuel managers and water separators, provide maximum engine protection.


Baldwin Air Filtration

With over 2 200 air filter designs, Baldwin is the preferred choice for air filtration in agriculture, construction, industry & consumer applications.


Mobile Filtration Service Kits

Mobile filtration service kits from the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies have everything you need for your filtration requirements.


Baldwin Filters’ lube filtration

Baldwin Filters consistently manufactures lube filters for heavy duty engines designed to meet or exceed the quality, performance and supply requirements of original equipment and aftermarket customers.

Baldwin Filters has been making lube filters for over 70 years. With more than 650 lube filters for heavy-duty and automotive applications, Baldwin Filters has the coverage and quality you demand.

Baldwin Filters’ fuel filtration

Baldwin Filters’ fuel filters effectively remove contaminants from a fuel supply. Baldwin Filters’ fuel filters trouble-free operation for all types of equipment, with up to 13% greater contaminant holding capacity than regular filters.

Baldwin Filters has a complete line of fuel filters to provide complete protection to today’s engines from contaminants. Baldwin Filters offers more than 650 different fuel filters, coalesces and fuel/water separators to fit most applications.


Baldwin Filters' Air Filtration

Baldwin Filters has been a leader in heavy-duty mobile filtration for over 70 years, delivering pure air that extends engine life significantly. Baldwin Filters’ goal is to design air filters that meet or exceed OEM specifications for all grades of applications.

Baldwin Filters’ air filters offer enhanced contaminant removal and holding efficiency at every flow rating with minimum initial restriction. The result is an air filter that lasts longer, traps more contaminants and extends engine life by thousands of kilometres.

Baldwin Filters’ fuel/water separators

Baldwin Filters provides rugged and reliable fuel/water separators that are capable of removing 100% of the water component of both petrol and diesel. Baldwin Filters’ fuel/water range includes the following products:

  • Baldwin Filters’ Series I and Series II Fuel/Water Separators have removed protruding keys for a universal fit on multiple fuel bases. The HydroShield™ media assists with the removal of water from the fuel source.
  • DAHL/Baldwin Filters fuel/water separators separate both solid and water contaminants, are easily installed – mountable at any point before the fuel pump – and easily serviced.
  • The Baldwin Filters PF7698, with HydroShield™ media, is a convenient, easy-to-service package that delivers superior filtration.

Cleaner filters, greater capacity!

Baldwin Filters’ air filters improve dust holding capacity and air flow efficiency to separate and stabilise media pleats through two proven methods:

  • PermaPleat®: ensures uniform airflow through inter-pleat embossing which prevents bunching.
  • Beading: a continuous adhesive bead around the circumference of the filters metal wrap to lock pleat tips in place and prevent movement.

Baldwin Filters manufactures more than 2 200 air filter types, including Channel Flow®, Extreme Performance and Radial Seal air filters.

Baldwin Filters are available throughout sub-Saharan Africa through HFT. Contact us today on + 27 11 976 7300
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