Femco oil drain plugs, available in South Africa from Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT), enable more efficient, safe and sustainable oil changes for your machines and vehicles.

Oil drainage experts

Femco®, with over 30 years of expertise in the manufacture of high-quality oil drainage systems, is the trusted oil drainage industry market leader. Its robust and reliable oil drain plugs are used across multiple sectors, from transport and agriculture to energy and earth moving, making oil maintenance more efficient, safe and sustainable.

The wide range of ISO 9000 certified solid brass plugs are ideal for use in every application that uses oil, in machines, trucks, boats and vehicles of all sizes.

  • Reduce downtime
  • Enable safe oil draining at engine temperature
  • Eliminate oil spillage risks
  • Contain oil safely, even during draining from pan to container
  • Eliminate the risk of stripped threads
  • Oil draining process is toolless (only a drain hose is required)

The entire range of Femco oil drainage equipment is distributed and fully supported by HFT giving you quality customer service with specification advice, installation assistance and on-going support across Africa.

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Original Oil Drain Plugs

Recommended for most vehicles & applications. Easy, toolless installation. Features like dust covers & double O-ring for reliable performance.


Compact Oil Drain Plugs

Durable low-profile plug for draining oil in tight spaces. Enables safe oil and fluid draining at engine temperature, reducing maintenance downtime.


Click Drain Oil Plugs

Make oil changes 8x faster, reducing maintenance downtime. Simply click and drain (hot or cool oil). Ideal for larger fleets.


XL Oil Drain Plugs

Fast flow rate for quicker drain & fill time, at any fluid temperature, reducing maintenance downtime. Ideal for large machinery with oil reservoirs.


Non Drip Oil Drain Plugs

Avoid excess oil being spilled during or after draining/filling. Ideal for oil maintenance in remote locations. Available in numerous sizes.


Frequently asked questions:

What are the advantages of the Femco oil drainage systems?

Femco oil drain plugs:

  • Constructed from brass, enabling safe oil draining regardless of the engine temperature
  • Environmentally friendly, as they eliminate the risk of oil spillage
  • Contain oil safely during draining from pan to container
  • Eliminate the risk of stripped threads
  • Ensure a truly tooless oil draining process (only drain hose required)
  • Reduce oil maintenance downtime


Is it possible to drain fluids other than oil with Femco oil drain plugs?

Yes. Femco drain plugs can be used to drain all kinds of fluids, including engine oil, coolant, gearbox oil & hydraulic oil.


For which applications can I use Femco oil drain plugs ?

Femco offers a range of oil drain plugs, specialised for different applications:

  • The Standard oil drain plug is recommended for most vehicles & applications
  • The Compact oil drain plug is recommended when space or ground clearance is restricted
  • The Click Drain oil drain plug is recommended for increased vehicle efficiency when maintaining larger fleets of vehicles
  • The XL oil drain plug is recommended for draining large volumes of oil quickly
  • The Quick Drain is recommended for use with stationary machinery


Can the Femco plug be fitted with a magnet to facilitate oil inspection?

Yes. Femco plugs can be fitted with a specialised magnet, for inspection after oil draining.

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