Mobile Hydraulic Range

Hydraulic and Automation Warehouse (HAW) stocks, distributes and services SALAMI gear pumps and gear motors, direct control valves and gear flow dividers. Each is specifically designed for use in a wide range of mobile applications in the agricultural, construction, mining, heavy-duty transport, materials handling and general industries. HAW is an authorised African distributor of the SALAMI product range for the mobile hydraulics industry, and upholds all OEM guarantees and warranties.

Direct Control Valves

SALAMI direct control valves include sectional type, monoblock and load sensing valves. Ideal in heavy-duty mobile and fixed hydraulic applications.


Gear Pumps

SALAMI gear pumps include both aluminium alloy and cast iron variants. Designed for heavy-duty hydraulic systems in mobile equipment and machinery.


Gear Motors

Available in aluminium and cast iron, these modular gear motors are reliable and efficient solutions for mobile and fixed hydraulic applications.


Gear Flow Dividers

SALAMI gear flow dividers are manufactured from high strength aluminium and are customisable for specific applications.

Bosch Rexroth Africa brings the world’s leading hydraulics, pneumatics and automation brands to Africa!

Why select your mobile hydraulics from HAW

Each of our mobile hydraulics product ranges, including pumps and motors, offers numerous advantages. A summary of these include:

Direct control valves:

  • In-built pressure compensator
  • Load check-valve protection
  • Power beyond HPCO configuration

Gear pumps:

  • Use in standard or customised configurations
  • Suitable for vast range of industrial equipment
  • Full distribution support & aftersales service

Gear motors:

  • World-renowned quality
  • Compact size
  • Versatile in use

Gear flow dividers:

  • Aluminium alloy body & cast iron end covers
  • Assemble up to 6 stages
  • High volumetric efficiency

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Additional information on our mobile hydraulic range


Direct Control Valves

Designed for high-performing hydraulic circuits in both mobile and fixed machinery, the range consists of sectional type valves, load sensing valves and monoblock valves. All these valves are manufactured from cast-iron and spools constructed in hardened steel and plated with nickel. All spools are interchangeable.

  • Working modules with built-in pressure compensator
  • Load check-valve protection on each section
  • Power beyond (HPCO) configuration
  • Possibility of pressure relief valve on the LS line coming from the ports
  • Closed loop electro-hydraulic proportional control available analogue or CANBUS


Gear Pumps

Manufactured with aluminium or cast iron bodies, these gear pumps can be used in standard configurations, multiple combinations or customised configurations.

  • 5 variations in the range
  • Used in a range of industrial equipment like diggers, rubber coated backhoes, tractors, agricultural equipment, tow trucks and cranes
  • Used in general applications for trucks, fork-lift trucks, drills and drilling machines


Gear Motors

The modular nature means provides unmatched versatility in the choice of flanges, shafts, coils and integrated valves.

  • Exceptional reliability for fixed and mobile systems
  • Compact and world-renowned
  • Used in standard configurations, multiple combinations or customised configurations
  • 3 variations in the range


Gear Flow Dividers

Manufactured with high-strength aluminium, these gear flow dividers can be used as flow equalisers, flow dividers and pressure intensifiers. Additionally, cylinders can be synchronised for bi-directional movement.

  • High volumetric efficiency with floating bushings and axial compensation
  • Integral gear with 12 teeth
  • Pre-arranged for assembling AR cylinder synchronise valves
  • Inlet port available on side cover
  • Assembling up to 6 stages possible


HAW offers repair services to OEM standards on all its mobile hydraulic products and its entire range of hydraulic equipment – including hydraulic cylinders.

HAW is a Bosch Rexroth Africa Company. Contact us

Supported throughout Africa

HAW, part of Bosch Rexroth Africa, is one of the largest suppliers of hydraulics components and accessories in South Africa, and a specialist supplier of hydraulic fittings for mobile machinery.

HAW has branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pinetown and Middelburg. Enquire above for precise information on your closest branch, delivery information and hydraulic fittings queries.


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