Omal Pneumatic Actuators

Omal Automation pneumatic actuators are accurately designed and engineered, and have a state-of-the-art production line dedicated to their fabrication. This pneumatic actuator range is specifically designed to reliably drive automation products and systems.

Double Acting Aluminium Actuator DAN

These Omal Automation double acting actuators are used for open and closed valve operation as well as cycle regulation.


Aluminium Two Stage DD Pneumatic Actuator

Ideal for filling and metering fluids or solids-mix materials with a special metering device. Can be used for fine or rough metering.


Aluminium Actuator With Hand Wheel

Omal Automation Aluminium Actuator with Hand Wheel, can be integrated in double acting and spring return aluminium actuators.


Carbon Steel Pneumatic Actuator

Comes in double-acting and spring return types. ATEX and SIL 3 certified to guarantee the highest level of functional safety.


Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Pneumatic Actuators

Heavy-duty double acting & spring return actuators. Supply media for both of these actuators are filtered compressed air, inert gases & technical gas.


Spring Return Aluminium Actuator SRN

Designed for open and close valve operation and fail safe emergency. The range of 11 SRNs provide nominal torque from 15 to 960 Nm at 5.6 bar.


Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuator

Omal stainless steel pneumatic actuators come in 4 variations and available in double acting and spring return double casting.

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Quality actuators, no exceptions

The quality of these pneumatic actuators is guaranteed with a thorough inspection. A quality inspection is carried out by on-site operators using certified tools and measuring equipment, before being double-checked in Omal Automation’s quality department using a computerised 3D touch-testing program.

Every Omal Automation pneumatic actuator from Tectra Automation undergoes this thorough quality process before Tectra Automation takes ownership, passing on this quality guarantee to its customers.

Omal Automation pneumatic actuator applications

Omal Automation pneumatic actuators are designed and manufactured to provide maximum performance in a wide range of applications throughout sub-Saharan Africa. These industries and applications include:

  • Automotive
  • Biogas
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Energy & power generation
  • Food & beverage
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Oil & gas
  • Steelworks
  • Textile
  • Water & wastewater

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Additional information on pneumatic actuators


Double Acting Aluminium Actuator DAN:

For open and closed actuator valve operation and cycle regulation. Provides nominal torque of 8 to 1 920 Nm at 5.6 bar and there is less friction between piston and cylinder because of energised self-lubricating strips, which also extend actuator life.

Spring Return Aluminium Actuator SRN:

11 spring return pneumatic actuators in this range, which provides nominal torque of 15 to 960 Nm at 5.6 bar, and are designed for open and closed actuator valve operation and fail-safe emergency.

Heavy-Duty Carbon Steel Pneumatic Actuator:

Supply media comprises filtered compressed air, inert gases and technical gas, and both the double-acting and spring-return versions work on a Scotch yoke system with rolling friction. Their standard temperature range is from -20 to 80 °C and the high-temperature range is from -20 to 150 °C.

Aluminium Actuator with Hand Wheel:

The hand wheel equips quarter-turn pneumatic actuators with a manual emergency hand wheel. Material composition of stainless steel, steel alloy + Nitrilic Rubber, aluminium alloy, steel alloy, NBR and acrylic plastic translates to a longer product life.

Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuator:

Available in 4 variations, this entire range is ATEX and SIL 3 certified. The double-acting actuator precision casting has torque from 15 to 480 Nm, as does the spring-return version. The double-acting actuator provides torque from 720 to 1 920 Nm and the spring return from bar is 360 to 960 Nm.

Carbon Steel Pneumatic Actuator:

Certified for ATEX and SIL, torque for both the double-acting and spring-return versions are from 360 to 960 Nm. Compressed air is the operating media, not necessarily lubricated, with an air supply of 5.6 bar to a maximum of 8.4 bar.

Aluminium Two Stage DD Pneumatic Actuator:

Designed to prevent the actuator from achieving a full rotation by using 2 additional cylinders with an inner piston that stops the rotating angle at a pre-set position. Their material composition makes them ideal for temperatures from 0 to 80 °C and with dry air the range increases to -20 to 80 °C.


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Frequently asked questions:

What is a pneumatic actuator used for?
Pneumatic actuators convert the pressure of compressed air or gas into mechanical motion. The mechanical force of actuators is used to control valves, dampers, and other mechanical components in a range of industrial applications.
What are applications that make use of actuators?
Applications that make use of actuators include robotics, transportation, aerospace, construction, and others that require valves and tools.
What is the advantage of a pneumatic actuator?
  • High speed: our actuators are capable of operating at high speeds, suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • Reliable: actuators from Omal do not necessarily suffer from any power-related damages like other actuator types. They feature high control in terms of the conversion of pressurised gas to mechanical energy.
  • Economical and durable: actuators are generally less expensive than other types of actuators as they have fewer moving parts and make use of compressed air as their power source.
How do actuators work?
All actuators make use of the same principle in order for it to function: they use a control signal and converts it into mechanical power. This mechanical power is then used to complete the desired task in an application, which could be to control the position, speed, or force of a piston or mechanism.
What are the types of actuators?
Actuators can make use of various types of power to produce various types of motion. Our range of actuators includes linear, electric, rotary, bellow, and electro-hydraulic actuators. Click the link to browse our range of actuators!


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