Electric Actuators

Omal Automation electric actuators have a state-of-the-art production line dedication to their fabrication, which contributes to their enhanced design and engineered accuracy. Available exclusively through Tectra Automation, this range of electric actuators is made of the EA on-off rotary type, AM rotary modular type and AE on-off rotary type electric actuators. Each has a working noise of 73 dB or lower, with the EA model have a motor with class F insulation and EA & AM have motors with class E insulation.

AM Rotary Modular Type

Max. working temperature range of -25 to 55 °C. Graduated visual position indicator and auto-reset thermostatic protection in the motor.


EA On-Off Rotary Type

The actuators have a temp. range of -25 to 60 °C, external visual position indicator with graduated top and auto-reset thermostatic protection.


AE On-Off Rotary Type

These actuators have a working temperature range of -12 to 55 °C and max. working noise of 73 dB. Auto-reset thermostatic protection in the motor.

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Quality, no exceptions:

A thorough inspection of Omal Automation electric actuators guarantees their quality. Onsite operators using certified tools and measuring equipment to carry out quality inspections. They are then double-checked in Omal’s quality department using a computerised 3D touch-testing program.

Every single Omal Automation electric actuator from Omal Automation undergoes this thorough quality process before handing over to Tectra Automation. This ensures the quality guarantee is passed on to Hytec customers.

Omal Automation electric actuators are designed and manufactured to provide maximum performance for numerous applications, including those used throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Omal Automation electric actuators are used in industries and applications for automotive, biogas, water and wastewater, chemical, food and beverage, textile, petrochemical, marine, mining, energy and power generation, steel works and oil & gas.

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Additional information on electric actuators from Tectra Automation

EA On Off Rotary Type: This electric actuator has a 90° working angle, but can get to a maximum of 100°, torque of 10 to 1 960 Nm and working temperatures from -25° to 55 °C. They come with safety adjustable mechanical limit switches and a detachable lever for manual operation.

AM Rotary Modular Type: Torque from 49 to 1 960 Nm and a working angle for these electric actuators is 90°, up to a maximum of 100°. They also include safety adjustable mechanical limit switches and have graduated visual position indicator. Working temperatures are from -25° to 55 °C and supply cables can be locked using cable presses. There is auto-restart protection in the motor, which also has E class insulation and auxiliary limit switches and torque limiters are optional.

AE On-Off Rotary Type: This range electric actuators has a temperature operating range of -12° to 55 °C and features auto-reset thermostatic protection in the motor. In addition to safety adjustable mechanical limit switches and a detachable lever for manual operation, these electric actuators have nominal working torque from 35 to 240 Nm. Ball bearings support the rotor and IP67 connectors are available with pre-wired cables.

Highest quality process valves

3 plants in Milan, Italy, are used to manufacture and test all Omal Automation process valves. All plants utilise the latest manufacturing technologies, which include a foundry, painting-plant, CNC centre, plastic injections, assembly, laboratories, and quality department.

All these technologies enable Omal Automation to exercise maximum control on the different production steps and immediately react to new needs in the market.

Our range of Omal Automation process valves

Omal Automation pneumatic and electric actuators are a part of Tectra Automation’s comprehensive range of Omal Automation process valves.

Omal Automation process valves, also available exclusively from Tectra Automation, part of the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies, comprise ranges of ball valves, butterfly valves and pneumatic valves.

Multiple industrial uses

For more than 30 years, Omal Automation has aided operators achieve safer, increasingly reliable plants, manufacturing process valves with high levels of technical expertise and precise standards of engineering.

Our process valves have achieved vast success in the oil and gas processing industry, and are suitable for cross-industry applications. For example, our valves are used in:

Blast furnaces: Omal Automation pneumatically operated and manually operated butterfly valves used on modular skids for gas mixing used in blast furnaces.

Wastewater treatment plants:Omal Automation pneumatic actuators have been used to provide precise automated valve control in a water treatment plant

Pharmaceutical manufacturing: Omal Automation wafer ball valves with double acting pneumatic actuators are ideal for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Comply with the highest safety and environmental standards

Omal Automation process valves are certified to the following performance, safety and environmental standards:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems)
  • Directive 97/23/EC - PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • ATEX Directive for use in potential explosive environments
  • GAS distribution systems in accordance with EN 13774
  • SIL determinations


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