Ball Valves

Ball valves are process valves that are often used in piping systems to control or allow the movement of fluid. Manufactured with high levels of technical expertise and precise standards of engineering, Omal Automation valves from Tectra Automation are high-pressure ball valves. They are suitable for use in extreme temperatures and flammable applications, as well as with corrosive and aggressive gases and liquids. Tectra Automation, a Bosch Rexroth Africa Group company, provides ball valve types suited for use in industrial automation and plant automation applications, and are available across Africa.

Thor Split Body Ball Valves

Omal Thor Split Body valves feature stainless steel & carbon steel ball valves to suit a wide range of applications, including very low temperatures.


Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Stainless steel ball valves are suited for medium pressure applications including air, water, gas, petrol, petrochemical products & aggressive media.


Magnum Wafer & Split Wafer Ball Valves

The Omal range of Magnum Wafer and Split Wafer ball valves are non-protruding valves for use in extremely low temperatures, down to -40 °C.


Cast Iron Ball Valves

Cast iron ball valves have a working pressure of 16 bar. They are suitable for liquid gases and gaseous fuels, flammable & ATEX environments.


Carbon Steel Ball Valves

Omal carbon steel ball valves feature 3-way bore threaded-ends for a range of applications including high pressure & flammable or ATEX environments.


Brass Ball Valves

Omal's range of brass ball valves feature 2- & 3-way valves for use with low to high pressures, suitable for both aggressive & non-aggressive fluids.


Hercules High Pressure Ball Valves

Range of Hercules high pressure ball valves offer four valves for use in range of applications up to 480 bar. Available in carbon & stainless steel.


Pro-Chemie 60 Ball Valve

Omal"s Pro-Chemie 60 ball valve is ideal for use in the chemical industry with stainless steel construction & design for less breakaway torque!


PVC Ball Valves

2-way PVC ball valve comes in 10 nominal diameter sizes, from 10 to 100 mm. 3-way PVC ball valve comes in 7 nominal diameter sizes, from 10 to 50 mm.


Trunnion Ball Valves

Omal Automation trunnion ball valves feature a 2- or 3-piece body to provide automatic body cavity relief in a range of applications, including ATEX.

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Precise fluid transfer control

Omal Automation's ball valves help plant managers in achieving safer and more reliable plants. Omal Automation's ball valves are manufactured with a high level of technical expertise and precise engineering standards. For over 30 years, Omal Automation has invested in R&D to develop ball valves that come with new levels of performance and safety. These innovations include:

  • Its status as only one of four companies in the world certified to manufacture process valves for the oil and gas industry
  • Omal’s ATEX directive approval that enables the company to manufacture valves for potentially explosive or flammable applications
  • Manufacturing durable, robust heavy-duty materials of construction & internal lining protection to enable process valves to withstand Africa’s toughest conditions.
  • Ball valves that are guaranteed to simplify your pipe network coupling, and reduce maintenance time and downtime.
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A diverse range of ball valves for fluid control applications

Manufactured using a variety of steel, rubber, and iron, the Omal range of ball valves offers possibilities for virtually any fluid control task in diverse industries. These industries include automotive, biogas, chemical, petrochemical, energy and power generation, food & beverage, marine, mining, oil & gas extraction, steel mills, textile manufacturing facilities, as well as industrial water and wastewater applications.

Premium ball valves engineered for durability

All Omal Automation process valves, including this range of ball valves, are designed, manufactured and tested at Omal Automation's factories in Milan, Italy. These factories utilise the latest manufacturing technologies that enable the company to develop ball valves that have a longer lifespan in harsh environments while outperforming competitors’ ball valves.

Our ball valves comply with the highest safety and environmental standards

Omal Automation ball valves are certified to the following performance, safety and environmental standards:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems)
  • Directive 97/23/EC - PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • ATEX Directive for use in potential explosive environmen
  • GAS distribution systems in accordance with EN 13774
Omal Automation ball valves are available throughout Africa exclusively from Tectra Automation. Contact us today on +27 11 971 9400 or fill out the form.

Frequently asked questions:

What are ball valves and what are they used for?
They are shut-off valves that control, allow, and obstruct the flow of vapours, liquids, and gases in a piping system. This is achieved by rotating the ball and having a bore inside the valve.
What makes Omal ball valves unique?
They are manufactured with high levels of technical expertise and precise standards of engineering. They are designed and constructed with durable and robust materials to withstand harsh working conditions.
What are the four types of ball valves?
The four types of ball valves are:
  • Full port ball valve: This type of ball valve is ideal for applications where the required flow rate is high. The valve has a bore that is the same size as the pipeline to allow minimal restrictions to the flow of fluid.
  • Reduced port ball valve: This valve is best utilised in applications where flow control is crucial. The ball valve has a bore smaller than the pipeline.
  • V-port ball valve: The ball valve’s v-shaped ball allows a more precise flow control. It is best applied where the flow needs to be accurate.
Multiport ball valve: This type of ball valve can be configured to allow the necessary flow pattern. It has multiple ports and is applied where numerous streams or fluids need to be directed.
What types of ball valves are available from Omal?
What are high-pressure ball valves?
High-pressure ball valves are types of ball valves that are designed to handle high-pressure applications. They offer precision and reliability in fluid transfer control, making them suitable for use in industries such as energy and power generation, oil and gas, and mining.
What are the advantages of ball valves?
The advantages of ball valves include: • High efficiency Ball valves are regarded as high recovery valves due to their low pressure and high flow capacity because of the size of the opening in the ball. The design of these valves results in there being minimal turbulence or resistance to fluid flow when the valve is opened. • Convenience Due to the ball valve’s 90-degree operation and small size, ball valves are efficient and easy to use. • Robust Ball valves can withstand high temperatures, which results in them being durable and suitable for applications in many industries. • Economical solution Ball valves require low maintenance meaning their incorporation into a plant is cost-effective.
Who are some of the ball valve manufacturers in Africa?
Tectra Automation provides a range of ball valves that are suitable for use in industrial and plant automation applications across Africa. Their ball valves are manufactured by Omal, a leading global ball valve manufacturer of high-performance process valves.
Where can I get Omal ball valves?
Tectra Automation supplies a range of Omal ball valves that are suitable for use in extreme temperatures, with flammable applications, as well as with corrosive and aggressive gases and liquids. Contact us today.


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