Swivel Work Chairs

Swivel work chairs reduce work absences, enabling faster assembly and enhanced performance. Our range of work chairs takes the human factor into consideration when it comes to robust construction and lean production. They are served to prevent postural impairments that can result in chronic medical problems and provides relief and support to the human body.

In the design stages of this range, Bosch Rexroth drew heavily on the knowledge and experience of seasoned occupational physicians and ergonomics specialists to produce the most low-stress, dynamic sitting experience possible. Our swivel work chairs place the worker’s calves, thighs and arms at a precise 90° angle with the use of an integrated circular footrest.

The ergonomic backrest and form fitting seat promote perfect posture and automatically adapts itself to the upper body of the worker. The chair also has the ability to be locked in any position, eliminating jerky back movements when the lock is released.

  • Meets all safety standards defined by DIN 68877
  • Complies with the GPSG
  • Suitable for ESD-sensitive areas
  • Five foot stable base cannot tip over
  • Backrest and seat height adjustment
  • Decreases worker fatigue

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