BTU - Back Flushing Filters

The BTU unit with integral back flushing filter is a turnkey automatic filtration unit for water miscible cooling lubricants, oils or washing water which continuously filters solid particles, such as very fine magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles, corundum, sand particles etc.

It provides long-term filtration producing reduced-particle filtrate. The quality of the filtrate is dependent on the separation limit of the filter used.

A BTU unit generally consists of:

  • Back flushing filter for the main filtration
  • Process twist sieve (PTS) to treat the back flushed volume
  • Buffer tank with components (only BTU1)
  • Control

The process twist sieve (PTS) is a component which is fitted downstream from the back flushing filter to filter the back flushed volume. In this way, with the help of the twist sieve, a further filtration process is carried out via the back flushing line.

The solid particles from the back flushing volume are collected in a bag filter which is suspended under the twist sieve. When this is full, it is easy to dispose of by pulling open the drawer.

The fluid filtered by the twist sieve or the bag flows back to the buffer tank (BTU1). As soon as the fluid level in the buffer tank reaches the upper switch point of the level gauge (optional, the tank pump (optional) empties the tank

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