Bellows Suction Pads FSG (2.5 Folds)

Schmalz has developed the round, bellows suction pad with 2.5 folds for handling of extremely sensitive work pieces and extremely uneven surfaces, such as pipes. The folds of the suction pad enable it to adapt to concave and convex surfaces, and its optimum dampening effect facilitates the sensitive handling.

Additionally, the suction pad is equipped with a strong internal support (applicable to diameter sizes 52 mm and up) that prevents work pieces from being pulled in – ensuring unmarked handling. The special design of the folds enable the suction pad to operate in systems with very short cycle times.

  • Large range of diameter sizes of the suction area from 5 mm to 88 mm
  • 2.5 folds resulting in high suction force and optimum damping effect during placement of the work pieces
  • Soft, flexible folds for the secure handling of uneven surfaces
  • Soft, tapered sealing lip for good adaptation to curved work piece surfaces
  • Supports on the bottom (diameter sizes 52 mm and above) ensure no permanent deformation of thin-walled work pieces

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