Bellows Suction Pads FG PVC (2.5 Folds)

Schmalz has developed the FG PVC (2.5 Folds) a round, bellows suction pad for the secure handling of extremely fragile work pieces thanks to the damping effect of the folds and soft sealing lip making it ideal for use in box openers and for handling of non-rigid work pieces and soft packaging materials such as CDs or DVDs.

Additionally, the FGA PVS is adaptable to geometry and soft, flexible material and is therefore also ideal for handling tasks in special processes which use chlorinated water, such as rinsing of plastic bags.

  • 1.5 folds resulting in good damping when positioning on work piece
  • Large effective internal diameter (Ø) from 18 mm to 50 mm) resulting in a high suction force
  • Soft and adaptable sealing lip and bottom corrugation resulting in secure handling of curved or uneven surfaces
  • Stiffer upper corrugation for high stability against horizontal acceleration
  • Flexible and adaptable material ideal for non-rigid work pieces
  • Wear-resistant material PVC
  • Long operating lifetime, very wide range of applications

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