Universal Puller (55 & 100 Ton)


  • Hydraulic lift system for easy, precise position of puller.
  • Unique dual pump arrangement: Low-pressure pump positions, holds and opens jaws. The high-pressure pump advances and retracts the pushing cylinder without releasing clamped jaws.
  • Hydraulically-actuated jaws. Cylinder moves in or out to provide a safe, secure grip on workpiece.
  • Puller can be assembled in 2 or 3 jaw configurations.
  • Choice of cylinder with a 159 mm or 337 mm stroke.
  • Self-centering: Center cylinder on work; puller jaws will automatically grip work evenly.
  • Super Grip-O-Matic® feature means the harder the pull, the tighter the puller jaws grip. No chains or cages required to keep puller jaws from slipping or springing off the part being pulled.
  • Cart’s swivel casters give ease of mobility.
  • Large wheels make movement of cart easy.
  • Puller can be mounted on cart 90 degrees to right or left of puller cart centerline, permitting use in tight quarters, such as between machinery.


  • Adjustable jaws mean they always pull on a flat surface. The retaining chain holds jaws in place during positioning.
  • Grip-O-Matic® feature means jaws grip progressively tighter as more pulling force is applied.
  • 100-ton hydraulic cylinder is a single-acting, spring return type with a maximum working pressure of 700 bar.
  • Lifting bracket allows puller to be lifted if the workpiece centre is more than 914 mm off the floor.
  • Adjusting screw allows the operator to move vertical position of the puller.
  • Spring loaded feature means Enforcer 100 will align itself on uneven pulls.
  • Hydraulic pump is a 2-stage, high-pressure unit controlled by a remote hand switch with a 7.6 m cord.
  • Tow bar provides puller with plenty of mobility.
  • Pushing adapters have a diameter of 105 and 63.5 mm.

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