Bearing Maintenance Tools

Bearing maintenance tools from Bosch Rexroth Africa comprise a complete range of bearing maintenance tools, sourced from Power Team. This range of bearing maintenance tools includes adapters, bearing pushers, and bearing bushings and seal drivers. Providing various advantages over other solutions, Hytec South Africa ensures it stocks and supplies all the bearing maintenance tools required for hydraulic and bearing maintenance.

Hydraulic Push-Pullers

Power Team makes almost impossible jobs seem routine thanks to its range of hydraulic push-pullers.


Bearing, Bushing, And Seal Drivers

Contact Power Team today to find out about our range of bearing, bushing and seal drivers.


Bearing Pushers

Workshops, mills, mines, quarries and shipyards have all benefited from Power Team's range of bearing pushers for installing press-fit parts.


Universal Puller (55 & 100 Ton)

Power Team's ENFORCER range of universal pullers provides easy, precise positioning, and Grip-O-Maticfor exceptional grip.


Roller Bearing Puller Installer (100 Ton)

With a 100-ton pulling capacity, the puller installer from Power Team helps to efficiently and quickly remove or install tapered roller bearings.


Pulling Slide Hammer

The Power Team blind hole puller set is ideal for removing bearings, bushings, sleeves and other friction-fitted parts from blind holes.


Puller Accessories (Grip-O-Matic)

With 3 accessory products available, including an entire accessory kit, Power Team's puller accessory range is comprehensive.


Pulling Attachments

Pulling attachments help with the removal of bearings, bearing cups, bushings and oil seals. Sizes available from 38.1 to 228 mm.



Small parts with tapped holes require a specialised tool for the job. Try Power Team's gear and pulley puller!


Why use bearing maintenance tools from Bosch Rexroth Africa?

There are 6 ranges of bearing maintenance tools in Hytec South Africa’s range, which ensures our customers have the most appropriate tools for conducting bearing maintenance.

  • Tested for top performance
  • Easily remove items from blind holes
  • Boost efficiency and versatility
  • Comprehensive accessories

Applications for bearing maintenance tools:

  • Motor repair shops and maintenance shops
  • Mines and quarries
  • Agricultural machinery repair
  • Steel mills and shipyards
  • Utilities
For a range of bearing maintenance tools that facilitate simple hydraulic maintenance, Contact Bosch Rexroth Africa today!

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