Electronic Pressure Switches

Bosch Rexroth manufactures and supplies high-quality, precise and reliable electronic pressure switches for hydraulic applications. These versatile electronic pressure switches, available with a range of mounting and installation solutions, deliver accurate pressure monitoring.

Pressure Switches VS-P

Electronic vacuum and pressure switch (type VS-P) has been designed by Schmalz for system monitoring of vacuum/pressure systems from 0 bar to 10 bar.


Pressure Switches VS-P10-W-D

Schmalz has developed the universal pressure switch (VS-P10-W-D) for the continuous monitoring of pressure systems up to 10 bar.


Pressure Switches VS-P10-D

The Schmalz electronic universal pressure switch (VS-P10-D) is designed for the continuous monitoring of pressure systems up to 10 bar.


Pressure Switches VS-P10-AH / AV-T

The Schmalz VS-P10-AH / AV-T pressure switch is designed for electronic safety monitoring in pressure systems up to 10 bar.


Pressure Switches VS-P10-W-D-K(-2C)

The VS-P10-W-D-K (-2C) type pressure switch is designed for safety monitoring and optimising cycle times in pressure systems up to 10 bar.


Pressure Switches VS-P1

Schmalz has developed the universal pressure switch (type VS-P1) for the continuous monitoring of pressure systems up to 1 bar.


Hydro-Electric Pressure Switch Type HED 8

Bosch Rexroth Type HED 8 pressure switches comes in pressure ratings of 50, 100, 200, 350 and 630 bar. Variety of operational modes.


Electronic Pressure Switch-Type HEDE 112

Bosch Rexroth has developed Electronic Pressure Switch (Type HEDE 112) with 2 switching outputs with a max. working pressure of 400 bar.


Electronic Pressure Switch - Type HEDE 10

Bosch Rexroth's HEDE10-3X pressure switch is ideal for measuring pressures in hydraulic systems/transforming measured values into electrical values.


Hydro-Electric HED 1-4X Pressure Switch

Bosch Rexroth HED 1 pressure switches are a reliable, high-performance solution for any pressure control application up to 600 bar.


Electronic Pressure Switch - 2 Outputs

Bosch Rexroth pressure switch for pressures 100, 250 and 400 bar, with simple switching point adjustment on 2 easily-read adjusting rings.

Increase performance and efficiency with our range of electronic pressure switches. Call us on +27 11 975 9700, today!

Ensure maximum hydraulic system performance with our electric pressure switches

Optimise your hydraulic processes for maximum performance and profitability with our wide range of electronic pressure switches which help you achieve precision, reliability and efficiency.

  • Working pressures up to 600 bar
  • Subplate or pipe mounting
  • A range of adjustment elements
  • Distribution & support across Africa

We stock a complete range of pressure switches. Other switches include vacuum, filtration, and mechanical pressure switches.

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Features of our electronic pressure switch:

Our electronic pressure switch features a compact design, stainless steel and FKM media contacts, two antivalent switching outputs (or one switching output and one analogue output), electrical connection via 4-pole M12 connector and sensor thin film measuring cells.

Additionally, these electronic pressure switches include a wide range of customisable functions, including delay time, switch point, reset switch point, hysteresis, or window function. Other adjustable elements include a spindle with an internal hexagon, and scale, a rotary knob with scale and a lockable rotary knob with scale. Optional drain ports, check lamps and electrical connections can be installed.

Our electronic pressure switch brand:

Bosch Rexroth

Through unmatched industry knowledge, Bosch Rexroth offers comprehensive services for any machine or system of any size.

Frequently asked questions:

What applications use electronic pressure switches?
Electronic pressure switches are used in hydraulic system applications that require control flexibility and an electronic output signal with multiple switch points.
How does an electronic pressure switch work?
An electronic pressure switch makes use of a pressure sensor to control pressure in a hydraulic system based on its programmed limits by the customer. The switches convert hydraulic pressures into electrical signals and cover a complete range of requirements in hydraulic systems in its divisions of hydro electric and electronic pressure switches. It also produces analogue output signals that are proportional to the hydraulic pressure in the system.
What are the different types of pressure switches?
Pressure switch types traditionally consist of electrical and mechanical pressure switches. Different types of application pressure switches include vacuum and filtration switches. We offer both. Visit our overview pressure switch page for more information.
Can a pressure switch be installed horizontally?
Our flexible electronic pressure switches can be installed with subplate mounting or installed in pipes in a range of directions including horizontal directions.
Are electric pressure switches better than mechanical pressure switches?
Electronic pressure switches provide more control configurability than mechanical switches with an integrated programmable logic, enabling switch points and output signal to meet your applications requirements.
How do I know which pressure switch I need?
Contact our team of experts for assistance in identifying your solution or for more information on our range of pressure switches.


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