Portable Data Recorders

Hydac has developed a range of 5 portable data recorders that deliver efficient, accurate and easy-to-use measuring and monitoring of hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

The Hydac range of portable data recorders is available through Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT), part of the Bosch Rexroth Africa Group . Whether using drive units, hydraulic filters, accumulators, valves, clamps, electronics and other components and consumables, Hydac products are supported extensively, forming a complete solution-based package.

  • Simple and user-friendly key operation
  • Large LCD display including battery status indication
  • Measuring range and unit of measurement of the sensors connected to it are recognised automatically
  • Zeroing (taring) of the individual measurement channels
  • Display of the actual measured values
  • Display of the differential (channel A minus channel B)
  • Minimum or maximum value indication, with reset function
  • Setting device for mechanical pressure and temperature switches

HMG 500

  • The HMG 500 is a portable measuring instrument from Hydac that has been designed for simple measuring tasks in fluid technology such as hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication, process, refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • The HMG 500 measures values at a high sampling rate.
  • To further extend the applications range, HMG 500 has a function for setting mechanical pressure and temperature switches precisely and reliably.
  • Compact, simple and versatile – the HMG 500 is an invaluable tool for all those involved in maintenance, commissioning and service.

HMG 510

  • The HMG 510 is a hand-held instrument for simple measurement tasks on hydraulic and pneumatic systems in mobile and industrial applications.
  • Compact and simple to use, the HMG 510 is an ideal tool for all those involved in maintenance, commissioning and service.
  • The measurement values and the corresponding physical unit are displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display.
  • The HMG 510 enables measured values which have been saved in the SMART sensors to be uploaded to a PC.
  • The HMG 510 has a standard built-in USB port to enable this data transfer.

HMG 2020

  • The HMG 2020 is a portable data recorder fir recording pressure, temperature, flow rate and rpm in industrial machinery and systems such as hydraulics and pneumatics.
  • As well as actual measured values the unit also records minimum and maximum values of two sensors of the same type.
  • The HMG 2020 enables measured values which have been saved in the SMART sensors to be uploaded to a PC.

HMG 3000

  • The HMG 3000 is an impressive, top-performance portable measuring instrument. It enables the user to carry out a wide range of measurement tasks in the quickest possible time and in a cost and time effective way through the use of automated setting procedures, simple operation and extensive functions.
  • Once in use the HMG 3000 will soon become a reliable and useful tool for all those involved in service, maintenance, development, test rig technology, quality assurance or commissioning of systems and machines.
  • The HMG 3000 is designed primarily for recording pressure, temperature and flow rate values which are the standard parameters in hydraulics and pneumatics.

HMG 3010

  • The HMG 3010 is an attractive, high-performance portable measuring and data-logging device.
  • With automated setting procedures, simple, self-explanatory operator guidance, and many comprehensive functions, it enables the user to carry out a wide range of measurement tasks in a short amount of time, saving both time and money.
  • The HMG 3010 thus quickly becomes a reliable and helpful companion in the areas of service, maintenance, development, test bench technology, quality assurance, or commissioning of plants and machines.
  • The HMG 3010 is designed primarily for recording measured values of the variables of pressure, temperature, and flow rate, which are common in hydraulics and pneumatics.

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