Petrol / Gasoline Driven Pumps

Petrol/gasoline driven pumps from Bosch Rexroth Africa cater for a maximum weight capacity of 100 tons at 700 bars of hydraulic pressure. Manufactured by Power Team, the rugged design and reliable operation of our petrol/gasoline-driven pumps make them ideal for applications in the construction, heavy lifting and rigging industries, among others.

Petrol / Gasoline Driven Pump PG120-400

Ranging between 2.1 & 6.4 litres of oil output per minute, Power Team’s PG120-400 series caters to most heavy-duty hydraulic application requirements.


Petrol / Gasoline Driven Pump PG3055

Power Team's PG3055 Petrol/Gasoline Driven Pump is ideal for sites when electricity & compressed air are unavailable. Operates at up to 700 bar.


Petrol Powered Pump For Remote Tools PG120

Petrol Powered Pump for Remote Tools PG120 from Power Team features a throughput of 2.1 litres per minute and operates at up to 700 bar.


Why choose petrol/gasoline driven pumps from Bosch Rexroth Africa?

Our petrol/gasoline driven hydraulic pumps range provides a number of benefits to users, with each petrol/gasoline pump in our range offering both shared and distinct advantages. An example of a common advantage is that operability without electricity or compressed air means they can be used on any site anywhere as long as you have an adequate fuel supply. A few other benefits of selecting your petrol/gasoline driven pumps from Bosch Rexroth Africa include:


  • Equipped with roll-cages or heavy-duty roll-cages – model dependent
  • Large capacity fuel reservoirs mean minimal stopping time for refuelling
  • High pressure safety relief valve / adjustable external pressure regulator – model dependent
  • Rapid advance enabled with 2-stage pumps
  • Lightweight for easy portability onsite or from site to site
With 3 primary models in our range of petrol/gasoline driven pumps, the ideal pump whenever electricity or compressed air is unavailable is only a call away. Contact Bosch Rexroth Africa today.

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