Catch HAW and HFT at NAMPO 2023

Two Bosch Rexroth Africa Group Companies Hydraulic and Automation Warehouse (HAW) and Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT) will for the first time join forces at this year’s NAMPO Harvest Day to showcase the companies world-renowned solutions for fluid management and filtration as well as hydraulic components for mobile machinery. These solutions will be on display at stand H9D at NAMPO 2023 in Bothaville, Free State, from 16 to 19 May 2023.

HAW is the preferred OEM supplier to transport and agricultural industries and will showcase its range of hose and fittings; gear pumps; motors; flow dividers; valve banks, tie-rod cylinders; and its Uniflex hydraulic hose crimping machine – which was a ‘showstopper’ at last year’s expo owing to its time-saving capabilities for client applications.

As the southern African leaders in total fluid management solutions, HFT’s focus will be on its solutions that prolong the service life of mobile machines. The company will showcase its range of filter kits for vehicles and engine-driven farm equipment (such as tractors and harvesters); DC-driven air blast coolers; diaphragm accumulators; and diesel conditioning and water removal systems.

Both HAW and HFT fluid power solutions are ideally suited for transport and agriculture applications throughout Africa, "but the biggest benefit for our customers is that by offering all these solutions under one Group, we can get closer to our customers with full turnkey solutions – no matter your hydraulic problem – in shorter timeframes through our speciality companies," says Neville Alberts, Branch Manager, HAW. 

In addition to products on display both companies will be on-hand to offer technical expertise. “Our technical team and sales staff are excited to return NAMPO to demonstrate our high-quality, plug-and-play solutions at affordable prices. We look forward to interacting with broader audiences, including existing and prospective clients,” says Charles Cassell, Branch Manager, HFT.

Bosch Rexroth Africa will showcase these world-leading solutions at stand H9D at NAMPO 2023.

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