Hy-Pro Hy-Dry Desiccant Breathers

Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT) stocks the HY-DRY Desiccant Breather from Hy-Pro for filtration and dehumidification of intake air in industrial systems, helping you avoid initial damage to pumps and bearings.

Atmospheric moisture is a continuous threat to efficient operations of your equipment and machinery. Hy-Dry Breathers utilise high capacity silica gel to remove water from the air before it can ever enter your equipment, protecting your investment and helping prevent fluid breakdown.

As Hy-Dry Breathers adsorb moisture from the air entering your system, the gold silica gel gradually changes colour to let you know it’s working effectively and even give you a reminder of when it’s time for a replacement.

Trust Hy-Pro’s Total System Cleanliness to:

  • remove water from the air
  • protect your system from airborne contamination with 2-micron particulate filters
  • seamlessly fit countless applications

The Hy-Pro Hy-Dry Desiccant Breathers range:

HPB Breathers

HPB Breathers provide the base for all Hy-Dry Breathers with a wide range of fluid compatibility and numerous models to fit nearly any stationary application.

HPBC Breathers

HPBC Disposable Breathers feature integrated intake and exhaust check valves to close the system from the atmosphere until airflow is required.

HPBCR Breathers

HPBCR Breathers are ideal for fluid management applications that require protection from extreme conditions and high vibration applications.

HPBR Breathers

HPBR models include intake and exhaust check valves in a reusable top cap for economical replacement of the desiccant cartridges.

Speak to our filtration technology division about your factory automation requirements.


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