Flow Control Valves

Easily control and vary hydraulic flow with a complete range of high-performance control valves from Bosch Rexroth Africa. Manufactured following extensive R&D in a number of hydraulic applications – this range offers optimised flow control.

Throttle And Double Throttle Check Valves

Simply & easily control variable flow rates with Bosch Rexroth’s throttle-type valves, available for operation up to 350 bar & 400 litres per minute.


2-Way Control Valves

Precisely control bi-directional flow, using Bosch Rexroth’s range. Ideal for pressures up to 315 bar & flow rates between 32 - 160 litres per minute.

Bosch Rexroth Africa brings the world’s leading hydraulics, pneumatics and automation brands to Africa!

Control valves that maximise flow control

Hytec South Africa’s complete range of control valves allow for maximised speed control, optimising both system quality and performance.

Manufactured and supplied by world-leading brand, Bosch Rexroth Africa, these control valves are designed to deliver high efficiency and reliability, supported by hands-on services and repairs.

  • Compact & robust
  • Automatic opening & closing
  • Easy to install
  • Reduce fluid wastage
  • Zero system flow obstructions

Drawing on more than 50 years’ of experience in the manufacture, design, installation and repair of hydraulics, Bosch Rexroth Africa ensures customers get the most efficient hydraulic system. This guarantee extends to our mobile flow control valves used in all our hydraulic systems.

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How we deliver accurate & reliable flow control

Improved component direction & rotation movement

Bosch Rexroth hydraulic directional control valves help you improve the direction of movement or rotation of hydraulic components through enhanced control.

  • Compact & robust for easy placement and long life
  • Integrated electronics reduce wiring
  • ATEX environment valves available
  • Servo valves are ideal for precise control of:
    • Position
    • Force
    • Pressure
    • Velocity
  • Direct & pilot-operated directional valves
    • Hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical actuation

We supply the complete range of Bosch Rexroth direct operated and pilot operated directional spool and seat valves.

Optimise your valves flow control with direction control valve types.


Direction control valves from Bosch Rexroth include hydraulic flow control valves.

World-leading hydraulic valve brands

Bosch Rexroth Africa supplies a vast range of hydraulic valves from world-leading valve brands.

In addition to Bosch Rexroth, we supply valves from M+S Hydraulic, LuEn and SALAMI original equipment manufacturers.

  • Large stockholding - ready for delivery
  • Fast turnaround time reduces downtime
  • Branch distribution ensures country-wide
  • All OEM warranties on all their industrial hydraulic valves upheld

From check & high-pressure valves to control valves in large, small or mobile configurations, we offer a wide variety of options to suit our customers’ exact valve requirements.

Service excellence across Africa

We are the only certified Bosch Rexroth Service Centre in Africa.

When you send in a Bosch Rexroth hydraulic component for service or repair, it will be configured according to the precise quality standards as adhered to at the Bosch Rexroth facility in Lohr, Germany.

This ensures that you maintain the leading German-engineered quality standards in your system.

Leading services and support for improved valve control and flow rates.

Your Hydraulics Specialist

Hydraulics specialist, Hytec South Africa, serves Africa with leading hydraulic pressure control valves

Hytec South Africa

Hytec South Africa, a Bosch Rexroth Africa Company, is Africa's hydraulics specialist. It services the mining, oil & gas, marine, metals, agriculture, construction and general industries across Africa.

Hytec South Africa has been a leading single-source hydraulics supplier since 1966.

Africa’s largest hydraulic systems supplier

From mining to marine, agriculture to power generation, the Bosch Rexroth Africa is Africa’s largest supplier of hydraulic systems, components and services.

Backed by the largest portfolio of hydraulic technologies from over 20 of the world’s leading brands, we engineer the hydraulic solutions you need to reach your operational goals.

Our range of hydraulic components consists of over 500 different components, including hydraulic pumps, gearboxes, coolers, valves, pilot control units, motors, cylinders, hoses and fittings, maintenance tools and accessories.

Optimise your valves flow, using fluid control valves or hydraulic speed control valves from Bosch Rexroth South Africa.

Hydraulic Services


  • Fault finding
  • System analysis
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Service contacts
  • Fully equipped fleet of service vehicles

Service Exchange

  • Service exchange for valves, cylinders, pump, motors and gearboxes
  • Reduce downtime during maintenance


  • Genuine spares
  • Warranties & exchange units
  • A Remanufacturing Program (Reman) for pumps & motors
  • Mobile Gearboxes (Splitter, slew, final drives and wheel drives)
  • Industrial Gearboxes (Planetary)

We inspect, test and service according to OEM specification in SABS ISO 9001-certified facilities.

Frequently asked questions:

What is a control valve?
A control valve is a device that controls the movement, flow direction, temperature and pressure of fluid in a system by opening or closing passageways of a system.
What are control valves used for?
In industrial or hydraulic systems, control valves control the pace of fluids (chemicals, gas, steam, etc) as well direction of flow, pressure and temperature. This enables the system to function efficiently, safety and accurately.
How do control valves work?
In a control valve, a stem (called the modulating element) moves, by means of a valve actuator. It pushes against the seat of the valve to close the passageway. The pushing action is provided by the fluid, or by an internal spring or solenoid. A valve positioner ensures the valve has opened optimally for the desired flow or pressure (this ensures minimal friction and wear to the valve).
What are the different types of control valves?
There are various control valve types, such as sliding stem valves, rotary valves, pinch valves and diaphragm valves. Bosch Rexroth Africa stocks a range of different types of hydraulic valves, including throttle and double-throttle valves, as well as 2-way control valves.


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