Charging Valve

Accumulator charging valves or pressure shut-off valves from Bosch Rexroth ensure optimal production and high levels of safety.

Accumulator charging valves or pressure shut-off valves assume the function of keeping a pressure level in an accumulator circuit within certain limit values (cut-in pressure, cut-out pressure). The switching pressure differential is approximately 18 % of the cut-off pressure.

  • The pressure of the downstream consumers must be 30 % lower than the accumulator pressure
  • The valve basically consists of a pilot control with pressure adjustment element, pressure compensator and check valve
  • Changing the pump flow over from accumulator charging to neutral circulation
  • During the charging process, the pump feeds oil via the check valve into the accumulator circuit. To this end, the pressure is directed via the pilot line and pilot control to the load signal side of the pressure compensator
  • This pressure compensator throttles the pump flow until the pressure that builds up in the accumulator circuit overcomes the spring force of the pressure adjustment element
  • The pilot control element reconnects the load signal line of the pressure compensator
  • The pressure compensator then re-directs the pump flow from P to N and the check valve closes
  • The charging process is completed and the pump flow flows with a low through the charging valve
  • Changing the pump flow over from neutral

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