Bosch Rexroth Filter Elements

Bosch Rexroth filter elements are used for the filtration of hydraulic fluids in the hydraulic system as well as for the filtration of lubricants, industrial fluids and gases.

These elements feature filter media made of non-woven glass fibre, filter paper, wire mesh and non-woven fabric for numerous applications

  • Cleanable wire mesh filter media
  • Attainable oil cleanliness to ISO 12/8/3(ISO 4406)
  • High dirt holding capacity and filtration performance
  • Extended product range for non mineral oil based fluits
  • Filter elements with high pressure differential stability

Introducing the next generation of Bosch Rexroth filter elements:

With a breakthrough 6-layer microglass fibre media design, PURE POWER elements from Bosch Rexroth trap up to 50% more dirt, enabling operators to reduce key operating, maintenance and parts costs of their hydraulic machines.

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Zinc-Free Filter Element Construction

All filter elements of the Rexroth preferred programme are made of zinc-free components. This prevents zinc-soap forming, particularly if water containing fluids and synthetic oils are used.

Numerous construction and agricultural machinery manufacturers specify zinc-free machine elements for rapidly bio-degradable hydraulic oils.

Non-Woven Glass Fibre

Due to its defined retention capacity, Rexroth non-woven glass fibre (non-cleanable) filter medium offers highly effective protection for machine and system components sensitive to contamination. It achieves this because:

  • The depth filter is made up of inorganic glass fibre material
  • The absolute filtration/defined retention capacity is according to ISO 16889
  • They have high dirt holding capacity due to multi-layer set-up

Zinc-free element advantages

The use of zinc free filter elements

  • Prevents early "blocking" of the filter element
  • Increases the lifetime of the filter elements

Rexroth filter elements can be used universally for hydraulic fluids and lubricants.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

This range of stainless steel wire mesh comprises two extremely fine mesh filters – Special Dutch weave and Woven mesh, as well as the range of Plain woven cloth designed with coarse mesh.

The coarser mesh size makes filter cleaning an easy task and they are cleanable and reusable.


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