Workshop Maintenance Equipment

Workshop maintenance equipment from Bosch Rexroth Africa provides solutions that reduce expenses, improve efficiencies and facilitate faster maintenance and repairs. Workshop maintenance equipment from Hytec South Africa can be configured to suit heavy-duty handling tasks up to 200 tons. Lifting, pressing and manoeuvring workpieces with Hytec SA workshop maintenance equipment are simplified by combining workshop maintenance equipment flexibility and power. Hytec SA supports all installations with product support.

Workshop Maintenance Tools

Workshop maintenance tools, sourced from Power Team, comprises heavy-duty slings and mobile floor cranes streamline processes and are easily stored.


Shop Presses

Hytec South Africa's shop presses from Power Team handle workpieces up to 200 tons, facilitating faster repairs at a lower cost.

Bosch Rexroth Africa brings the world’s leading hydraulics, pneumatics and automation brands to Africa!

Why use workshop maintenance equipment from Bosch Rexroth Africa?

Our range of workshop maintenance equipment is designed to ensure that our customers have the right tools for their workshop maintenance equipment requirements. These workshop maintenance equipment tools streamline maintenance, production and servicing processes for enhanced productivity.

Additionally, Bosch Rexroth Africa's tools for workshop maintenance equipment help operators handle workpieces with maximum efficiency, safety and reliability. With presses designed with a 2 to 1 safety factor on hydraulic cylinders and that meet ASME B30.1 standards, safety is one of our key focuses.

The heavy-duty press workshop equipment in our range of workshop maintenance equipment has a large work area and delivers full-rated capacity across the width of the upper frame, even if the work-head is unevenly loaded.

  • Up to 200 ton, horizontal or vertical, hydraulic presses
  • Easily manoeuvre, press and lift workpieces
  • Easily adjustable press head height
  • Double acting cylinder presses have hydraulic or electric pumps
  • Accessories include Rubber Tyre Removing / Installing set
Our workshop maintenance equipment helps increase versatility when maintaining your workshop equipment. contact Bosch Rexroth Africa today!

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Workshop maintenance equipment applications:


  • Shop presses can be bench-mounted or on an optional pedestal base.
  • Loading and unloading with lifting device
  • From heavy-duty cylinders to industrial tyres
  • Remote control increases versatility in various applications
  • Manoeuvre large and heavy components

Getting your workshop maintenance equipment


Hytec SA delivers workshop maintenance equipment and its entire product range, even the most specialised parts, to its customers within 24 hours. To achieve this, Bosch Rexroth Africa has an extensive African branch network, which it manages through Group Company HYSA. The branch network guarantees comprehensive parts availability, as well as product support for its entire hydraulic, pneumatic and electric product range.


Additional information on Bosch Rexroth Africa workshop maintenance equipment


Workshop maintenance equipment shop presses


This comprehensive range of shop presses forming part of Hytec SA’s workshop maintenance equipment comprises no less than 4 kinds of frame shop presses and a range of accompanying accessories. Shop presses are made up of a

Workshop maintenance equipment tools


Our workshop maintenance tools, part of our range of workshop maintenance equipment, include the:


Repairs outside of your workshop


Cylinders, while not part of workshop maintenance equipment, play an important role in any workshop, and can be imperative to continuous operation. Hytec SA offers a cylinder repair service and a cylinder service exchange, which minimises any delay customers may have to wait for a hydraulic cylinder to be repaired.

Cylinder repairs


Repairing and refurbishing hydraulic cylinders to OEM standards using test rigs that allow pressure testing for function and leakages up to 800 bar is a niche Hytec SA service offering. The hydraulic cylinder test rigs also allow for mid-stroke bypass testing.

All hydraulic cylinder repair work, which is done in accordance with SABS and ISO 9001:2000 standards, is conducted by Hytec Engineering, a Bosch Rexroth Africa company. All repair/refurbishment is conducted at the Johannesburg facility in Gauteng, with mid-stroke bypass testing included. Our hydraulic cylinder repair equipment is calibrated by SANAS-accredited laboratories, which ensures accurate measurements.

Cylinder service exchange


The Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies keeps all-inclusive stock of refurbished cylinders. This allows them to replace damaged or worn cylinders so customers do not have to wait for lengthy repair periods.

All cylinders due for repair, received by Hytec SA, are cleaned, stripped and assessed before refurbishing begins. Refurbishment is carried out by highly experienced engineers.


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