Winch Gearbox

Bosch Rexroth Africa is a supplier of high-quality winch gearboxes that provide the necessary tensile force to precisely and efficiently lift and lower loads for a wide variety of applications.


Precisely & efficiently lift or lower loads with the use of ZF Friedrichshafen AG’s winch gearbox GPT-W

Our ZF winch gearbox GPT-W comprises drive components to transport loads for any application that mobile, crawler, ship, port, container, railway, and ship cranes or offshore platforms carry out.


  • Compact design
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy & direct installation
  • Reliable in the harshest & most challenging conditions
  • Designed using state-of-the-art calculation method, Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Easy maintenance & low operating costs


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ZF Gearboxes

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Our winch gearbox design is durable for a wide range of applications

ZF Winch Gearbox GPT-W


GPT-W winch gearbox can be used in all kinds of winches: wherever a rotary movement with precise positioning is needed, and high acceleration and braking torques prevail.


  • Sizes GPT-W 160 to 1 100
  • Rope pull forces from 400 to 1 200 kN
  • Operation temperatures between –25°C to +40°C
  • Tempered, surface-hardened ring gears & sealings for harsh environments
  • Listed max. output torques are short-term peak values for its applications
  • Corrosion-resistant surfaces of external flanges, shaft extensions & mounting faces
  • Equipped with hydraulically released multiplate brake (integrated on the input side for parking)


Our winch gearboxes are designed with years of experience & state of the art engineering tools


More Winch Gearbox Advantages


  • Available motor adaptions
  • Can be installed in winch drums of all types
  • Robust bearings for absorption of cable forces
  • Easy oil change
  • Integrated static spring pressure multi-disk brake
  • Worldwide service (gearbox inspections, repairs, spare gearboxes, etc.)
  • Used in a wide range of applications
  • Low-noise operation


Our gearbox winch range meets your application’s requirement for the benefit of your processes


Optional ZF Winch Gearbox GPT-W Accessories


Winch drum


This individual winch drum can be designed to your specifications to benefit your processes. The gearbox and drum are delivered as a complete unit.

Counter bearing


Standard winch drives can be added to your delivery scope with a long-term endurance counter bearing and can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Limit switches


These special counter bearings can be designed with a connection option for specific cam limit switches.


Contact Bosch Rexroth Africa with your requirements for your ZF winch gearbox GPT-W


Need a gearbox with a different torque range? Contact us to identify the ideal winch gearbox for your application.



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