Valve Systems

Our valve systems from Aventics include innovations in compact, hygiene-sensitive, energy-efficient and lower-cost valve systems to suit your pneumatic application requirements.

AV03 Pneumatic Valve System

A highly compact, lightweight valve with shorter turning lengths that require 30% less space! Suitable for all control cabinet applications.


AV05 Pneumatic Valve System

The ultimate energy-efficient valve is designed to allow a closer mounting to actuators which results in less compressed air required!


ES05 Series Valve System

Simple, flexible, efficient performance – without ‘bells & whistles’ to lower ownership and operating costs. For standard applications across Africa.


HF02 Series Valve System

The HF02 series valve system is a high flow and high functionality valve system that features a flow of 1 400 litres per minute.


HF03 Series Valve System

Aventics HF03 valve terminal system is a lightweight, compact system that combines 32 valves into one space-sensitive, multipole-connection solution.


Clean Line Pneumatic Valves CL03

This new generation hygienic valve system is designed for food and packaging applications. Its design requires no valve mounting in a cabinet.


TC08 Series Valve System

Lightweight and compact with a 800 litre per minute performance that utilises a blocking plate principle to achieve working pressures up to 10 bar.


TC15 Series Valve System

This valve terminal system from Aventics, with manifold porting, is a lightweight terminal system that provides up to 1 500 litres/min performance.


Extremely versatile range of pneumatic valve systems

This versatile range includes everything from mechanically, pneumatically, and electrically operated single valves to highly complex modular manifolds.

The range includes design considerations for compact spaces, hygiene-sensitive applications, lower budget applications as well as applications that are looking to reduce overall energy consumption.

  • Our Advanced Valve (AV) range is the result of intensive research, and has resulted in compact, energy-efficient valves that require 30% less space; while the AVO5 that provides airflow channelling performance that is the best in its class due to a closer mounting to actuators.
  • We offer stainless steel hygienic valve systems (Clean Line) for the food processing and food packaging industries.
  • If you are looking for a simple, low-cost valve system that has no gadgets, but still provides high-performance cushioning then our new Essential System ES05 valves are the match for you.

Tectra Automation can also customise this range of valve systems to suit your exact application requirements.

Not sure which pneumatic valve is best for your application? Contact Bosch Rexroth Africa today and we’ll find one for you!

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