Tyre Press Centres

We distribute tyre press centres across Africa, enabling users to mount, dismount and inflate giant/off-the-road tyre (ORT) assemblies quickly and safely.

Extend tyre carcass, tyre bead and rim life!

These tyre press centres reduce handling damage when mounting and dismounting assemblies. The tyre presses also save time and manpower expenditure, improving productivity.

Our range of tyre presses:

  • TP-1500: for tyre sizes from 20 to 39 inches
  • TP-2500: for tyre sizes from 25 to 49 inches
  • TP-3500: for tyre sizes from 33 to 51 inches
  • TP-4500: for tyre sizes from 35 to 57 inches
  • TP-5500: for tyre sizes from 45 to 63 inches*
  • TP-6000: for tyre sizes from 45 to 63 inches*

Features of our tyre press centres:

  • Strategic air and electrical outlets enhance safety & efficiency
  • 6.3 or 7.62 cm per cylinder for better durability & longevity
  • Large hydraulic system (80 L tank) supports auxiliary tools & equipment
  • 22 or 37 kW Baldor motor conserves energy and extends service life.

Other benefits of these tyre press centres include:

  • Uses a 2-pump high/low system for speed when it is under no load & offers even better control when under load
  • Utilises 50 HP (37 KW) motors for larger tyre press centres & 30 HP (22 KW) motors for smaller tyre press centres
  • Features a 305 L tank to support other tools/equipment in conjunction with the tyre press power grid with a “low-oil” shut-off system
  • Wired or wireless remote options
  • Customisable paint options

*These models are expandable, accommodating next-generation OTR tyres.

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Our tyre presses in action

Demount, mount or inflate wheels for earth-moving or ORT applications in minutes.

Watch this video showing how this tyre press centre dismounts and mounts a tyre.



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