Throttle Valves

Aventics range of throttle valves is supplied with an integrated silencer and is ideal for pipe connections from M5 to G1/2. This range of unobtrusive but reliable throttle valves is ideal for any pneumatic application where precise airflow control and monitoring is required.

CH01 Throttle Valve

Aventics offers a range of CH01 throttle flow and check valves that meet all ISO safety standards and regulations, with high-performance levels.


CH02 Throttle Valve

The CH02 throttle valve features higher performance levels of up to 3 000 litres per minute, an external thread, and an integrated silencer!


Add precise control to your pneumatic system with Aventics throttle valves

Available exclusively through Tectra Automation, this range of throttle valves has been designed to control airflow up to 3 000 litres per minute in your operation.

Why precise airflow control is vital to your operation:

  • Throttle valves control the operation speed of a pneumatic device and the transmission of air
  • Pressure signals
  • These throttles valve are designed to tolerate little airflow at a fully closed position
  • Controlling the pressure, rate and amount of air as it moves through a pneumatic system
  • Control the ‘charge’ delivered to cylinders
  • Directing or blocking airflow to control the speed or sequence of operations
Not sure which valve is best for your application? Contact Bosch Rexroth Africa today and we’ll find one for you!

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