Pressure Reducing Valves

Finding the right pressure reducing valve has become easier, with Hytec South Africa's complete range. This range of pressure reducing valves available from Bosch Rexroth Africa includes leading, purposefully-sourced valves from Bosch Rexroth. This ensures your hydraulic equipment performs optimally. It also guarantees the highest engineering standards and valve construction, as well as comprehensive support from Bosch Rexroth Africa.

Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valves

This range of pilot operated pressure reducing valves operate at pressures of up to 350 bar. Various sizes, mountings & flow ratings are available.


Direct Operated Pressure Reducing Valves

Hytec South Africa's range of direct operated pressure reducing valves is easily adjustable & highly reliable, operating at pressures up to 400 bar.


Benefits Of Bosch Rexroth Pressure Reducing Valves:

  • Reduce the effects of pressure changes due to varying flow rates
  • Enable precise, electronic control of downstream pressuree
  • Excellent transient response prevents excess pressure, overshoot or under pressure
  • Very low pressures can be controlled accurately
  • They operate efficiently when flow becomes static
Our range of valves is available with various mountings to suit your application!

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Pressure Reducing Valve Applications

Pressure reducing valves are essential in various industries, ensuring optimal pressure regulation in different applications. Common applications include hydraulic systems in manufacturing equipment, energy & power generation, oil & gas, construction machinery and other industrial processes. Pressure reducing valves can also be used in different configurations such as sandwich plate design or block installation to suit various system requirements.

Pressure reducing valves are not pressure relief valves

Although they may sound similar, pressure reducing valves and pressure relief valves serve different functions within hydraulic systems.

The differences between these two valve types:

Pressure reducing valves

  • Function: A pressure reducing valve controls and maintains a preset, reduced downstream pressure.
  • Operation: It regulates the pressure to a specific level, ensuring it stays constant.
  • Application: Commonly used to reduce high inlet pressures to lower outlet pressures.

Pressure relief valves

  • Function: A pressure relief valve is designed to vent excess pressure to prevent system damage.
  • Operation: It opens when the pressure exceeds a set limit, releasing the excess pressure.
  • Application: Primarily used for safety purposes to protect equipment and systems from overpressure.


What are pressure reducing valves?

Pressure reducing valves, or pressure-reducing regulators, are essential self-operating valves that decrease excessive pressure in systems such as water, steam and oil & gas industries.

These valves, including the Hytec SA range, feature a housing, control spool, compression spring and adjustment mechanism. Specifically, Hytec SA's pressure reducing valves are designed for pressures up to 400 bar, offering adjustability and high reliability to ensure optimal pressure control in hydraulic applications.

Let's find a pressure reducing valve for your hydraulic or pneumatic system. Fill out our form or contact us on +27 11 975 9700.

Discover Bosch Rexroth's pilot-operated pressure reducing valves with a sandwich plate design.


Frequently asked questions:

What are pressure reducing valves and how do they work?
Pressure reducing valves are hydraulic components that regulate and reduce the pressure of fluid flow within a system. They ensure that the downstream system operates within a specific pressure range, preventing damage and guaranteeing optimal performance. By adjusting the flow of fluid in response to changes in demand, pressure reducing valves maintain a consistent output pressure, regardless of variations in the input pressure.
What types of pressure reducing valves are available from Hytec South Africa?
We offer a comprehensive range of pressure reducing valves, including both pilot-operated and direct operated pressure reducing valves. They are easily adjustable and highly reliable, operating at pressures up to 400 bar.
How do pressure reducing valves contribute to system efficiency?
Pressure reducing valves help optimise system performance by ensuring a consistent and controlled pressure level, preventing damage to downstream components and improving overall system reliability.
Are there other related products available for hydraulic systems?
Bosch Rexroth Africa offers a range of hydraulic components including servo valves, proportional valves, and other hydraulic solutions to meet various system requirements.
What makes Bosch Rexroth Africa’s valves reliable?
Our valves are sourced from Bosch Rexroth, engineered for reliability, with excellent transient response, accurate low-pressure control, and efficient operation even in static flow operations.
How do I get more information on pressure reducing valves or place an order?
Visit the Bosch Rexroth Africa website and fill out the contact form. Alternately, reach out to Hytec South Africa at +27 11 975 9700. Our team will provide the necessary assistance and ensure you find the right solution for your application requirements.


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