Other coolers and cooler accessories

Hytec Fluid Technology offers a range of coolers from ASA Hydraulik and Hydac in temperature control products.

The fan control consists of a temperature sensor and a control unit that varies the fan speed according to the actual oil temperature. This lowers the noise level of the cooler and increases the durability of the fan motor because it is not running at maximum speed all the time.

Also available are temperature switches and various thermostats with different temperature settings and protection classes for each cooler type. Heat exchangers are used to exchange heat between two fluids. Plate heat exchangers are high-performance components and provide a high level of efficiency combined with compact dimensions and low weight. Their efficiency reduces the amount of cooling water required for heat transfer

Applications: Cooling circuits in reverse flow using water, coolants, HFC operating fluids or oil.

  • Machine tools
  • Presses
  • Plastic injection moulding machines
  • Engines
  • Test rigs
  • Generators
  • Fan Control For DC Coolers
  • Plate Cooler, HEX Series
  • Temperature Switch

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