Training conducted by Hytec Zambia fulfills dual purpose

Hytec Zambia recently concluded onsite training on the inner workings of valves and pumps for personnel at Kalumbila Mine using “cut outs” provided by Hytec Repairs Department in Spartan, Gauteng. These product cross-sections allows trainees to view the inner workings of the Bosch Rexroth valve and pump components, enabling a visual understanding as to how each functions.

Conducted by Hytec Zambia’s Field Services Manager Anthony Leroux, training at Kalumbila Mine included the importance of cleanliness in hydraulics, the way dirt affects components, good practices with regards to changing hoses and filters, as well as the do’s and don’ts of hydraulics. The correct way to read and interpret hydraulic schematic drawings was included.

“Training is tailored for each group according to their daily tasks carried out in a specific area of the mine,” says Anthony. “The fact that trainees could see and touch the inner components of the equipment they use daily facilitated a higher level of understanding. Their interaction became a lot more fluid and the questions they posed depicted a good comprehension of the message we wanted to impart.”

The Kalumbila training group was also privy to some machine training which, in this instance, entailed training on the pump controls for cooling fans compared to the bin lift controls on an articulated dump truck (ADT). “The specific machine type we use for training varies,” Anthony explains, “as excavators, ADTs, front-end loaders and bulldozers, for example, have similar componentry.”

“There is significant opportunity to promote the Hytec brand in Zambia by providing hydraulics training and, in this particular instance, the training course came about as a result of the Hytec team promoting our training offering,” he says. Training is generally tailored to meet customers’ requirements, and is ideally held on customers’ sites. However, sometimes logistics and facilitation costs determine that training be conducted in a central location. In this instance, Kalumbila mine requested a tailored, site-specific training programme and this short course was the positive outcome.

It is a win-win situation. “Hytec Zambia is in the ideal position to provide training to our clients’ personnel, which contributes to upskilling their employees and in so doing aids in their training programme,” Anthony concludes. “The benefit to Hytec Zambia is that it provides the Hytec brand with more reach and offers exposure to many of our products. Additionally, it is an opportunity for our customers to get to know Bosch Rexroth products better.”

30 personnel in three groups of 10 underwent the Kalumbila Mine training, each of which received a certificate of attendance for their specific training modules.

Pictured with some of the cut-outs and a hydraulic schematic drawing used for training, are Hytec Zambia’s Field Services Manager Anthony Leroux (back row) with 10 of the Kalumbila Mine trainees.

The Hytec Group provides fully accredited hydraulics and pneumatics training.
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